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With everyone preparing for the biggest match in our history against Hull on Saturday, brings you the third in a series of articles written by YOU, the fans. Tonight’s subject is memorable goals. Take it away lads and lasses……………………….

"Andy Legg v.s Stoke in the early ninties. Bruce Grobellaar was in goal for Stoke and Andy Legg hit a scorching back volley from around 22 yards out which went in to the top corner. Bruce Grobellaar said it was the best goal he had seen. Andy McFarlane against Huddersfield at Wembley 94. Memorable for obvious reasons. I remember travelling up as an 11 year old kid, not caring if we won or lost as I just wanted to enjoy visiting Wembley. When McFarlane scored I remember thinking to myself that I wanted us to win at all costs"

Gareth Jones (Whiteswan)

"Nick Cusacks vs Exeter when we got promoted to Div. 2. because it was the first time i saw the referee take the ball forward in a free kick. The one that Leon Britton is going to score on Saturday to keep us up!!"

Matthew Taylor

"John Hodge’s goal against Lincoln I think it was, hit a screamer from about 40 yards out, right into the top corner, being behind the goal we could see it was going in as soon as he hit it. Also Gilligans goal against Cardiff to knock them out of the cup, and of course Martin Thomas’s goal against West Ham, what a night that was"

Roger Russell (life long jack)

"I remember an Andy Legg effort against Stoke a few years back – left foot volley from about 25 yards that flew into the top corner Jason Smith goal v West Ham away in FA Cup"

Mark Goddard

"Boyd’s second on his debut-sheer class, And Marc Richards winner at Rochdale not a classic but aint celebrated a goal like that for a while and it was possibly the slowest goal ever time just stood still!"

Jonathan Russ (jruss)

"My most memorable goal has to be Alan Curtis’s TOP CLASS side step beating a number of Leeds Utd defenders right in front of the NorthBank and then he smashed the ball into the net. Once Barry John said in an interview "I would have been proud of that side step myself " That goals will stay with me until the day I die, It was poetry in motion and as I write this entry I have goose pimples just thinking about it"


"Bound versus C diff. The last minute winner after they went 1-0 up and threatend to bury us. Alsop coming on completely turned the game, and he was a Jack possessed, pole-axing various C diff players, and after Bound scored, Alsop gave a magnificent fist-up "f k you" to the scums keeper. Alsop – top guy"


"A game aginst Stoke in the mid 90’s. 2 goals – one by Andrew Legg a 25 yard volley(which he also scored in almost identical fashion 12 months later) The other a 90 yard run by Mark Harris including a 1-2 with Gilligan? on the half way line. The most unlikely goal I’ve ever seen!!!"

Paul (Neath)

"Favourite goal has to be Jimmy Gilligan v C diff City in the FA Cup 1st Round Nov 91. Brilliant goal, followed by a brilliant celebration in front of all the Bluebirds (who all once used to adore him)"

John Williams

"Best goals- Has to be Gary Stanleys’s screamer at the Vetch in the old first Div-I forget who it was against. Once it left his foot, you just knew it was top corner all the way. Funniest goal-Tommy Smith (he didn’t score many!) against Hull in a snow storm (early 80’s) Tuesday night game. We didn’t even realise he’d scored, until the team trecked passed us towards the centre circle…..think the score ended up 4-2 or something like that"

Bridgend Jack

"In the 70, a player called Stephen William’s{nick name jippo) I think it was against Stockport a dribbled along the bye line and somehow scored from a tight angle"

Stephen Francis

"I can’t remember who it was but 3rd goal at P’Boro in the Championship season….I’d been booked to work self-employed that Saturday(?) New Years Bank Holiday anyway, the bloke I was taking over from had done loadsa perched at work 8am that day I said "Fugg it" I’m going!!….Got the train up there to Jimmys on the bridge for around midday in 45 mins from Kings X..Went and the rest is history….2:0 down 3:2 up…1500 pissed up Jacks…Superb!!!!…Went back stinking of booze to work..hadn’t been missed!! Classic!!!….Dunno who scored the 3rd goal but I was about 16 stone at the time and Huw from Bryncethin ran along the terrace with me on his shoulders…respect to him…!!…Brilliant day out that!!…One of the best!!"

Michael Davies

"Torpey scoring the first goal against Chester in the play-offs when we beat them 3-0 down the Vetch. Stunning header from about 15 yards into the top corner from a Joao Moreira (remember him?) cross from the left! Cue utter North Bank chaos!! Fantastic!"

Sully (Brizzle)

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