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All four members of the Vetch coaching staff realise that this week is a big one for them as they look to firm up their futures with the Swansea City board. Flynn is expected to meet with them this week in the hope of securing a morepermanent contract after ensuring Swansea City’s league status with the 4-2 victory over Hull City. This after the side went 2-1 down in the first half, and for 20 minutes Swansea City were indeed a conference club until the miraculous second half recovery whichensured everyone slept slightly easier this summer.
Flynn has his own ideas about the way he wants to see the club run next season, and with the season now at an end he wants to tie up the many unanswered questions that still remain. On the face of it Flynn, after his work this season should get the job, however that decision will rest with Huw Jenkins and co when faced with the question this week. And they will be asked the question by Flynn who wants a quick and decisive decision. The coaching staff want to build immediately for the new season and we know that Flynn has his eye on several players he wants before any summer recess. The very least he will want is firm offers for them and guarantee’s from the board they will assist him in getting them to the club. A breath of fresh air for Swans fans who have in the past been promised signings when under Hollins, players of course who never materialised even when promoted to division 2.
From the information we have here is the Swansea City squad as it stands today, and the viewpoint on those who Flynn either wants to keep or indeed release. We don’t believe that this is open to discussion in the current managements eyes, so here goes, Flynn’s plans for the season to come.
Swansea City – by squad numbers
1. Roger Freestone – Will almost certainly be offered a contract at the age of 34. He has at least 3 seasons left in the game, and if Swansea City don’t want him he will still be playing in the football league come August, and probably at a higher level. Desperately wants to stay, and considers himself a Swansea City fan after 12 years with the club.
2. Lee Jenkins – A superb battler in a Swans jersey who has proved himself to be worthy of a new contract, and again will certainly be offered one. A lapse or two on Saturday will not take away his huge contribution towards the end of the season.
3. Leon Hylton – England U / 20 cap on loanfrom Aston Villa. He will return to his club, however his performances have been more than capable. A player Flynn will look at for a seasons loan if others do not come off.
4. Kris O’ Leary – Magnificent of late, and wore his shirt with absolute pride as the going got tough. He will be offered a contract, and again if not will definitely play elsewhere in the football league.
5. Jason Smith – A big question mark with Jason is his fitness, and indeed the contract he may be offered will be nowhere near the one he is on now. Sadly the continued injuries may see Jason leave The Vetch Field, however he has been one of Swansea’s best when injury free.
6. Andrew Mumford – Still in contract at Swansea City. But it will not be lost on him that he has been out of favour for some time now.
7. Matt Murphy – Almost certain to leave the club officially after a bad injury at Exeter City.
9. James Thomas – His goals kept The Swans up this season, and he will be offered a contract. Superb at times when played in the right position.
10. Steve Watkin – Some will say that Watto will earn something from Flynn because of the Wrexham connection. We have our doubts. Has been out of favour and has never produced the goals he promised to. It could be Steve is on his way. Many Swans fans won’t mind this, but at times in the past he has been excellent in holding the ball up. Sadly this season he has failed to impress.
11. Jonathan Coates – Signed a short contract with The Swans a few weeks back. At Rochdale he looked totally out of sorts, and as is usual with Coatsy only shows very slight glimpses of what he is capable of. It’s a 50 – 50 shout, but it could be that Coatsy will be looking for a club again after the sort out.
12. Alan Tate – On loan from Manchester United. Flynn wants him for a further season next time. His friendship with Ferguson could seal that deal. And Tate wants to stay for another year too.
14. Marc Richards – We know that the management are slightly unsure about his pace and finishing, however he is a locallad and like Coatsy is a 50 – 50 shout. His goals of late may secure him a contract, depending on what else Flynn can do in the transfer market in the mean time.
15. Kevin Nugent – When he wants to Kevin is a real battler as he showed against Hull City. He has scored some seriously important goals too. Flynnwill offer him a one year deal, and to be honest on the performances of late he is worth it as a squad player.
17. Terry Evans – Terry has played a small part this season under Flynn due to injury. This is a difficult shout as we don’t know the real feelings Flynn has about him. It could be that he gets a one year deal, but something says he may be released. From a fans point of view he would be a loss to the side.
18. Gareth Phillips – Gareth is a favourite in certain quarters due to his level of commitment. Like Terry Evans we don’t know exactly what Flynn is thinking, however the likelihood is he will with us next season.
19. John Williams – John has turned games as a sub later on in matches, and loves Swansea City FC by his own admission. However, he is in his twilight years, and we feel he may be released. At times he has failed to impress and like Watkin may be looking for a new club next season. It’s a shame, but a near sure thing he will go.
20. Michael Howard – Back in favour with Flynn, Michael does nothing too eye catching, he does a good job at the back but never really much more. Dependable, and will be offered a deal.
21. Neil Sharp – Remember him ? Neil is viewed by his fellow players as a grafter and at times someone who maybe is – sorry Neil – out of his depth. However, he has shone in certain games, and in our opinion has improved immensely – even getting forward and scoring the odd goal. It’s a tricky one, but he may scrape something from Flynn, but the eyes say – He is going to be released.
23. Kieron Durkan – Did the manager have his rose tinted glasses on with Kieron ? Memories of old etc ….. Kieron has proved he will sadly be a liability as an injured squad player. A luxury any manager cannot afford in the third division( doesn’t that sound nice ? Third division and Swansea in the same sentence ) Kieron will be looking for a new club next season. If only he had that bit of magic still from his time with Flynn at Wrexham.
24. Lenny Johnrose – At times Lenny has been frustrating drifting in and out of games. However, he has weighed in with crucial goals from midfield, and showed in the second half on Saturday he still has what it takes. Flynn wants him, but it’s down to Lenny if he wants Swansea. He still lives away from Wales, and it may be a bridge too far.
25. Jamie Wood – One of those who may get something if other things don’t happen for Flynn in the transfer market. Jamie is still an option, but only that with Thomas, Richards and Nugent ahead of him.
27. Roberto Martinez – Has failed to impress anyone at The Vetch Field, and not a fans favourite ! ( Okay a joke ) Roberto is instrumental to Swansea City next season. The top target of Flynn ( and anyone else with a football brain ) He is indeed Captain Fantastic who has never failed at any time to impress. Histackling is first class, distribution awesome, and his dead ball free kicks stunning. He will want a more involved role at the club, but he s only 30 years of age. If Swansea do not get him it will be a disaster for Flynn’s plans. The reason we still have our football league status.
32. Craig Steins – Flynn likes Craig who is on loan from Leeds Utd and available now to sign. Terminology like one for the future is not what Swansea are about at the minute. But he is, and may earn a contract based on Flynn’s liking for this type of player.
33. Neil Cutler – On loan from Stoke City. His first handful of games must have frightened Roger Freestone to death. Of late he has proved to be human, even less at times. Definitely showed signs of nerves in recent games, and wants to ply his trade in a higher league. Many will say he won’t as he is not good enough based on his last five games for Swansea City. The fact he wants to return to Stoke means he is not an option for Flynn. And to be honest now he has taken off his superman cape many will say that Roger should still be Swansea’s number one.
35. Leon Britton – Leon loves it at Swansea, and his immediate future depends on the plight of West Ham the club he is on loan from. He has tremendous ability and Flynn will seek a year deal from West Ham if he can so he can play alongside Martinez next season. His girlfriend loves Swansea too, one of those stories – like Cusack, Dai Stewart, Latchford ( there are so many ) that sounds like he has caught the Swansea drug. He has indicated he wants to stay permanently, however a years loan is the best Swansea can ask for realistically.
Richard Duffy, Stuart Jones, Antonio Corbisiero and Jamie Rewbury. JA.NET won’t make comment on these as with the exception of Stuart they have yet to feature in the first team this season at any level.
This is another big week for Swansea City FC. But this time it’s one for the board – Will they see it Brian’s way ?
Phil Sumbler adds: For the past few weeks, visitors to this site have been voting for who they would like to see at the Vetch next season. With 162 votes collated in this poll, we now have a pretty reasonable cross section of votes to show you, you can view the players that the fans voted for by clicking here

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