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Tuesday, 13 May 2003, 0:00
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It is interesting to take a peep at Exeter’s official web-site where you find just one entry since 16th April. The very day that the club made a statement blaming the fans for upsetting the apple cart. As usual, Mr Lewis was the victim of trouble making fans who were spoiling his wonderful attempts to keep the club afloat – I quote "It was minuted last year by the old board that the Club would never get beyond July 2002, a year down the line and its still in existence. Be careful not to turn away those who are working hard to keep the Club for the future, respect that not all business details can be public all the time and give the current Board the time they deserve, to give the City the successful Club it deserves. The current threat from a minority group is aimed at the very people who have fought to keep the Club alive in the last year; we urge supporters to look at the last 10 years, recent Director resignations and the comments -concerns – of Manager Gary Peters before you unsettle the players and majority support of this piece of local history."
Now, we search back through the Evening Post archives and come out with this from 21 July 2001 "Mr Lewis said today that he was working around the clock to ensure that such a scenario did not occur. Sale prospectuses have gone out to around 50 potential buyers, with Mr Lewis hoping to get something tied up by the start of the new season next month" As usual, talk of new investors but nothing fails to materialise.
I go back further to the summer of 1999 believe it or not. I, along with several members of the MAGS sit in Gloucester talking to Lewis. He has requested the meeting with us due to the MAGS then being recognised as an official supporters club. Lewis tells us of his plan to install ‘heavies’ on the North Bank to give any troublemakers a slap. Hmm, now we know what we are dealing with.
Mike Lewis bought our football club for £1. He kept promising new investors but all he could deliver was Tony Petty. He watched Petty try to rip this club apart then claimed he was hard done by spouting his rubbish in the local papers. He tried his best but people like him cannot succeed. Born losers I believe is the statement but the problem is he has to take others down with him
Also compare these two statements
"Exeter City Football Club is a high profile Brand name and enjoys some very genuine support – the Club is bigger than Directors, Players, or Supporters " Exeter City Club Statement, Exeter City Official Site April 16 2003
"But Swansea City FC is more important than Mike Lewis, Tony Petty or any player." Mike Lewis, South Wales Evening Post, October 15 2001
I’m sure I have read all of this before? This football club is still trying to get itself on it’s feet after the antics of Mike Lewis and the people that he run with. Exeter City have suffered the loss of their league status as a result. They still have to live with him and can anyone really see them coming back with the leeches in charge? Now rumours of Lewis showing an interest in Bristol Rovers are surfacing – surely this cannot be allowed to continue to happen?
Someone somewhere in Lancaster Gate must be capable of linking problems at clubs when Lewis is there and wondering just how it continues to happen? The bloke is either unlucky or something ain’t right somewhere – you choose.
Mike, you may have left us but clearly you haven’t been forgiven or forgotten – the battle goes on this time it’s just further South at St James Park.

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