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The first inmate to enter the house is former Swans manager John Hollins. John managed the Swans between 1998 and 2001 before he was sacked by ‘that nice Mr Lewis’ Many fans were glad to see him leave the club but I am sure that some will actually be pleased to see him back. John has elected to carry his suitcase by balancing it on his trademark folded arms. John pauses to tell us "If I wasn’t here I would be somewhere else" before walking up to the Big Brother door. A slight pause as he tries to decide whether he goes in or not before being pushed in to the house by Ken Bates "He couldn’t make a decision so I made one for him" says Ken…
Following closely on the heels of John and up to the Big Brother House is former Swans striker Steve Watkin. Released by the club less than 3 weeks ago, Steve looks calm as he approaches the house and certainly appears to be holding his suitcase up well as he stops for a quick word. "I have scored against Arsenal and I scored last season but this is as important to me as anything. I am confident that I can achieve inside this house" says Steve as he misses the door and walks into the wall.
Third to make his way towards the house is another former striker John Williams. Once the fastest postman in the west, the years seem to have taken their toll on John and before he reaches the house he puts his suitcase down to sit on it for five minutes. We walk to him and ask him if he is looking forward to this experience "It’s been a long hard season and I am looking forward to my time in the house to have some slleeee zzzzzzz" replies John before we pick him up and place him in the house.
Next up we have the trust representative in the house in Leigh Dineen. He has been selected after a long and exhaustive trust vote which ended up unanimous. (1 voted, 1 voted for Leigh) He has been given time off from the board of the club to attend this and as he walks towards the house he has some simple words for us "McClure, Lewis and Petty left this house in a terrible mess. I am working with others to sort out the mess and I urge everyone to donate £5 per week to keep me in food inside the house" and with that statement in he walks.
We now see the first (and only) female occupant to approach the house. This one will prove popular with Swans fans as club legend Myra Powles walks up to the house with her suitcase. Pausing only briefly to sell a few season tickets, she tells us "I am looking forward to this. It was an all ticket affair to get into the house but I am glad that I have mine in my pocket" Now commonly known as ‘The Nation’s favourite grandmother’ Myra enters the house to roars of approval from the Swans fan.
Sixth into the house is Swans communication manager Peter Owen. Having had his laptop confiscated from him before entering the house, Peter has chosen his PTV jacket to enter the house with. "At only £3.99 per month this house is great value and if you sign up for our SMS service you will know what I am doing before anyone. You can also have a free bet with Swansbet on who will win this competition" he tells us before we shut him up and usher him quickly into the house.
The house is now half full (or is that half empty) and we wait patiently for the next person to arrive. Still can’t see the person until we look down and see Swansea favourite Leon Britton at our feet. Kneeling down to talk to him we admire his red shoes before sending him into the house with Leon telling us "I want to be in this house. I have been in before and I liked it, I want to stay in this house permanently" – only time will tell on that one Leon.
Hot on the heels of Leon is current Swans defender Jason Smith. Things are looking concerning as Jason strains his arm carrying his suitcase but arrives at the house with simple words for us "Ouch" and he heads for the door before falling over the step and pulling a thigh muscle. This could be a long nine weeks for Jason as he is stretchered into the house.
With just four people left to the house, we see our first fan approaching. Stephen ‘Reeco’ Rees walks up to us for his pre-entry speech. "It is a great honour for me to be here with people that have long since been heroes of mine. I will clean the shoes of people like Leon and Mr Dineen. Mr Dineen is a nice bloke and I hope that Mr Dineen realises that we all appreciate the work that Mr Dineen has done for us since Mr Dineen helped start up the trust. I will see you in a few weeks TYVM ATB LOL Reeco" says Reeco as we push him into the house with the traditional roll of the eyes.
Current Swans striker James Thomas is the 10th person to walk up to the house. "I am a local lad and this is a local house" says James "I like this house, my family could live in this house and I want to stay in the house" he finishes before walking up to the door and walks in. But wait, he has walked back out again, now back in, then back out and finally back in again to complete a remarkable hat-trick to the delight of the crowd.
With just two spots left in the house, the penultimate housemate approaches. We have another fan in our mist and this time he has travelled all the way from Moscow and it is Nick Rees. Having flown all the way over just to enter the Big Jack Brother house Nick enters by saying "I could not miss out on this one. It’s the big one. I cancelled all my appointments and have made it here just in time. I haven’t slept this week and I can’t wait. Up The (Big) Jack (Brother) house" and in walks Nick.
And finally, we have the last occupant walking up to the house. As people crane their necks to see who it is we see an image over the horizon. The final person to head towards the Big Jack Brother house is none other than former Swans winger Leighton James. We ask him whether he can survive in the house and are quite amused to receive this reply "What do you mean can I survive? I have survived before and I will survive again, to ask me that is just plain stupid and you don’t know what you are talking about. I am a former professional survivor and that shows that I know what I am talking about. Just go away now and let the people who know what they are doing get on with it" to which point we walk off and allow him to enter the house alone.
And that is it, the twelve people who who will battle it out over the course of the next nine weeks to hold the title of Big Jack Brother champion. We will follow their moves every day and provide you with a summary of the key points that happen each day. Tomorrow we will open the votes for the first eviction which will happen next Friday (30th May) This is your chance to vote out the person that you didn’t want to see in the house to start with!
One person a week from then on in will be evicted every week until on Friday 18 July we are left with just 4 housemates. At that point we will open the voting to decide the winner. We will evict the person with the lowest votes on Thursday 24 July and finally we will evict the final two on Friday 25 July leaving us with our Big Jack Brother champion 2003. Trust me, it all makes sense!!
Come back tomorrow to see what the housemates get up to on Day 2 in the Big Jack Brother house…..

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