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24.05.03 – 7.11am – First one up in the house is Myra, proving the theory that old(er) people need less sleep. With bottles everywhere from the previous night’s drinking it is down to Myra to clean up after the boys
24.05.03 – 7.49am – Commotion in the house. Leighton has been talking in his sleep and it appears that Reeco is not happy. In a conversation with Nick, Reeco says "That Mr James said that Swansea fans know nothing. Mr James should realise that I have arranged protests and helped get Petty Out. Mr James needs to ensure that he does not talk in his sleep if Mr James wants us to get along with him. WDYF Nick? TYVM LOL"
24.05.03 – 8.27am – All of the housemates are up apart from John Williams who remains sleeping on his own. Steve Watkin suggests that they empty a saucepan of water over his head to wake him up. Steve, Leigh and James Thomas take the saucepan into the bedroom where Watkin holds it up over John’s head. As he lets it go, it misses it’s target and soaks the carpet.
24.05.03 – 9.42am – Myra offers to cook the group breakfast. With Big Jack Brother having left plenty of supplies for the first few days in the house, the choice is endless. James Thomas opts for three eggs, three rashers of bacon, three sausages and three baked beans. Jason Smith asks for his eggs to be scrambled and Leon Britton opts for just a small breakfast.
24.05.03 – 10.38am – Over a cup of coffee, John Hollins tries to explain the concept of the championship season with the housemates. "It’s a simple reasoning guys. We won the championship because we won a lot of games – I tended to find this happened more often when we scored more goals than the opposition. Had we not managed that, then I am convinced that we would not have won as many games" Peter Owen responds by trying to explain the concept of "an internet" to John who can’t grasp why he can have one if Peter already has it.
24.05.03 – 11.42am – Peter Owen is coming out of his shell and he prepares an official release from the Big Jack Brother House. The statement reads "While we are in the house, we are talking to one another. I am hoping to have a chat with both James Thomas and Jason Smith over the next couple of days and I am sure that they will agree with what I am saying. You can’t expect everyone to want to talk at the moment, it is only the second day but I am hopeful that our talk will come to a satisfactory end."
24.05.03 – 11.48am – Jason Smith is handed the statement to take into the diary room. As he walks into the diary room he trips over and dislocates his knee and breaks the diary room chair at the same time. He will be out of action for the rest of the day.
24.05.03 – 1.27pm – John Williams decides it is time to get up. He wanders into the lounge area of the house and announces to everyone that he feels more refreshed for all that sleep. He then hangs round at the side of the room waiting for someone to talk to him.
24.05.03 – 2.33pm – The first real argument in the house. Leighton James and John Hollins are in disagreement over the tactics that Hollins used when Swansea were relegated from the 2nd division. Leighton asks John a question but has to wait four hours for a decisive reply. Meanwhile, other housemates are clearly heard to be whispering expletives to describe both these two.
24.05.03 – 3.12pm – Steve Watkin has the bright idea to watch the 3rd division play off final on TV. He wanders round for ten minutes before realising there is no TV and goes to sit back down. Naturally, he misses and falls on the floor.
24.05.03 – 4.39pm – Leigh Dineen and Leon Britton are reprimanded by Big Jack Brother for discussing the outside world. Leigh is offering Leon terms to sign for next season. Leon’s demands are simple – he wants a dolls house to live in and a Corgi Porsche to drive whilst the best Leigh can offer is life time membership of the trust and a free fruit machine thrown in.
24.05.03 – 5.12pm – All housemates are asleep after a tiring afternoon.
24.05.03 – 8.37pm – it’s mealtime again in the house and Reeco’s turn to cook. He elects to make the rest a 3CM (3 Course Meal) consisting of a starter of LAPS (Leek and Potato Soup) a main course of CPPCG (Chicken, Potato, Peas, Carrots and Gravy) with a suite of CAB (Cheese and Biscuits) All the housemates are in unison that this is the best meal so far and as Nick put it "after three – 1 – 2 – 3 – TYVM Reeco"
24.05.03 – 9.58pm – Bit of a crisis in the house. All the alcohol was drunk last night and the house is now completely dry of booze. Desperately trying to improvise, the housemates try a few different things. Jason Smith holds a bottle to Leighton James’ mouth and calls what he has captured "bullsh t" Whilst Myra hits John Hollins with her handbag. Ten minutes later John exclaims "Ow" to which Myra says "That’s after shock!" (Boom Boom!)
24.05.03 – 11.38pm – It’s slow in the house until Peter finds an ants nest in the garden. The housemates decide to capture some of the ants and start ant racing inside the house. John Williams loses in the first race to an ant with only four legs.
25.05.03 – 1.03am – the housemates have stripped off and are in the outside heated pool. John Hollins amuses the rest with his impression of "man in strait jacket diving in" whilst Peter announces that if this was his pool, four hundred people an hour would visit it. Leon Britton’s armbands cause great amusement for the housemates.
25.05.03 – 1.58am – After finishing in the pool, the housemates decide to retire to bed. But not before an argument between Leighton James and James Thomas over someone peeing in the shower, Leighton claims that it is not real pee and he could do better whilst James is adamant that what is the point in peeing once when you can pee three times (even if the second one is a tad lucky)
25.05.03 – 2.38am – the end of the second day in the house and all housemates are asleep. Even John Williams!
Two days in, 61 to go in the Big Jack Brother house.

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