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27.05.03 – 5.12am – An early start for John Williams as the housemates get him out of bed with the mission to keep him awake until 10am. All the housemates get up together as John is to make them breakfast. He is asked to cook eggs (sunny side lying down and not too run(ny)) on toast for the group. He manages this well and leads John Hollins to announce that the eggs are good enough for a higher quality of clientele.
27.05.03 – 7.48am – Leighton James decides to retire back to bed for a few hours. He announces that the pressure on him in the house as the best person of all of them is getting to him and he needs to get some rest.
27.05.03 – 9.12am – It’s a lovely day in the Big Jack Brother house and the housemates decide to head into the garden to feed the chickens. All housemates gather a handful of chicken feed. Peter Owen opts to go first to exclusively feed the chickens. Steve Watkin feeds his to Leon Britton by mistake. Reeco praises the chickens before feeding them and spends the next twenty minutes teaching them to cluck TYVM.
27.05.03 – 11.03am – After John Williams heads back to bed for a few hours, Big Jack Brother calls Nick to the diary room to see how he is feeling. The question for him is simple "Who does he think will be evicted on Friday" Nick is open and honest (as usual) and states that he believes Hollins should go but ‘That little runt has a habit of hanging on longer than he should’ so he plumps for Leighton James to be the first to be evicted from the house. He is then asked if he thinks he will win the competition – he believes that he will and demands press coverage especially for him on the day he leaves the house.
27.05.03 – 12.12pm – As a special treat for the housemates, they are allowed to choose one of the following as a treat. A laptop and internet access for one hour, a mobile phone to use for 12 phone calls or a years free membership of the Supporter’s Trust. They are given one hour to decide.
27.05.03 – 12.23pm – The house is split. Leigh is keen on the years free membership of the trust and is telling anyone who will listen of the benefits of joining, Peter is torn between the laptop and the phone as both provide details of what is happening at the club whilst most prefer the phone option and have one phone call each.
27.05.03 – 12.37pm – the decision is made, the mobile phone it is. Myra is sent to the diary room to pass on the groups decision and she is told that the phone will be provided later and they all have one phone call each of five minutes length. The phone will be returned after an hour and a half.
27.05.03 – 2.45pm – Reeco is sent into the store room to collect the mobile phone. He is allowed to make his call first. He opts for the option to send a text message instead as ‘it speaks my language’ John Hollins is next – he cannot decide who to call so the phone passes to Jason Smith to call his doctor.
27.05.03 – 3.01pm – Peter Owen is on the phone to Swans World to find out what is happening in his absence. He reveals to the group that Flynn is talking to many people and so far has managed to secure three loaves of bread from the baker, a haircut in Sweeney Todds as well as free car hire rental in Aberdeen. Myra takes her turn and catches up with the ‘bongo girls’ whilst Leighton James rings Real Radio to tell them how great he is on his radio show.
27.05.03 – 3.23pm – Nick has made his call home to Moscow, whilst Leon and James Thomas have both caught up with their families. John Hollins remains undecided leaving just Steve Watkin and John Williams left to make calls. Watkin decides to ring home but unfortunately gets the wrong number while John Williams decides he can’t be bothered to dial.
27.05.03 – 3.44pm – With two bonus calls available due to the two John’s inability to call the housemates have a quick discussion around who to ring. Leighton demands one of the calls as he is the greatest and no-one can be bothered to argue. He dials the number calling the numbers out loud "0-8-9-8" and then announces that he needs to move into the bathroom as the signal will be clearer in there. For some reason he decides that the signal will be clearer with the door locked.
27.05.03 – 4.08pm – Leighton emerges from the bathroom with a flushed look and hands the phone to Myra who has been allowed the other call as she is the eldest housemate. She phones her hairdresser to arrange a blue rinse.
27.05.03 – 9.12pm – the housemates are well up on their task with John now having been awake for 10 hours today, meaning it’s just four hours out of the next twenty and they pass the task. He is allowed to go to bed.
27.05.03 – 10.24pm – John Hollins stands up and says "I’d like to phone Curt please" – Nick stands up and headbutts him to rapturous applause.
27.05.03 – 11.45pm – Peter Owen announces that he would like to leave the house first as it would be exclusive to him whilst Jason is also quite keen on going home as his leg is starting to play up again. James Thomas says he would be happy to go Friday but would rather leave in week 3.
27.05.03 – 11.54pm – It’s been a long day and the housemates retire to bed.

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