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We talked to Swans director Dave Morgan who provided us with details of their responses to posts made – here is the full questions and answers if you like
swanbhoyPosted on 11/5 15:33

Now is our chance to take a huge step forward in building the morfa.

Let us build a stadium that we can all feel part of and is recognised all around the UK, as being unique to Swansea. There has been many stadiums built over the last couple of years that are bland and Soul less and have no character and no atmosphere. Take oxford for example, it is a nice new stadium but there is more atmosphere on the moon! The stands are to far from the pitch and it is just like a plain concrete shoe box! So lets make ours unique. Why don’t we build the stands as close to the pitch as possible making the stands as steep as they can so the fans can be as close to the action as they can. Also retaining a terrace behind one of the goals to retain the vetch atmosphere a new north bank if you like. Let us remind teams that they are in a different country by giving the stadium a welsh Celtic theme by decorating the ground with welsh dragons and various Celtic designs. We would need a first class tannoy system to blast out welsh music before the game just to get the crowd going. Big is not always better!

You can build a 50,000 seat stadium with no atmosphere but then again you can have a 20k stadium where the atmosphere is electric and sometimes you will need a stadium that can accommodate a small crowd but still retains its atmosphere. So I urge the directors who I think are doing a good job and listening to the people to get the right people involved designers, architects or even Swansea university (which would cost nothing) to design a stadium with a family stand, a terrace, a disabled area, good catering facilities, bars, betting shop, social club to be used all year round.and most of all build a stadium with CHARACTER and ATMOSPHERE and you will fill it. FORWARD WITH THE SWANS!

Dave Morgan responds: On the whole we have inhertied the design of the stadium. The project has been ongoing for many years. After all the money that has been spent on the design, no-one was going to start all over again. Most new stadiums have been visited and we have learned from mistakes that they have made. The man who was involved in the design of the Millennium Stadium is also involved in the design of Morfa. Our stadium is not 4 seperate stands but more of a bowl design. It will be state if the art, but there will be no terraced area (ground safety demands) It will involve all the things that the best modern stadiums have. As fans ourselves, we are very happy with what you are getting. So will you be.
Ian442Posted on 20/5 21:59

Only just came across Swanbhoy’s post and agree with almost every word. We all agree that the atmosphere at the Vetch is second to none, and that it is due to the North Bank. We have to replicate the North Bank in the new stadium, and this must mean a safe standing area in the new ground. Make it all ticket, only open to season ticket holders or whatever, but if we want a noisy, passionate end for the home supporters, it has to be done. I know the thing has not been built yet, but I would love to see a proper supporter’s club house incorporated into the design. Somewhere where the fan’s could go on match day’s, before the game, and have a pint or meal at a good price, and know that the profits were going into the club. It could become a great social centre for the supporters as well. Cheers, ATB.

Dave Morgan: It does have a large club house, various bars and restaurants etc etc. It has everything that we are looking for bar the terracing. Money can go back into the club from food/drink sales, unlike now, where pubs around the Vetch are making loads of money off fans and giving nothing back to the club.

Many people are talking about buying a pub. This is working against the best principle of the club. Any pub in the area will take money away from the club, we are looking for all the profits from this to go directly into the club once Morfa is up and running.

swanseadevilPosted on 21/5 23:54
club merchandise

how about the club stocking some decent gear that would appeal to fans of all ages? sandwich boxes, badges, quilts, pyjamas, 70’s style shirts etc etc as much as it pains me to say it, we could do a lot worse than emulate the products at the link below…

Dave Morgan: The club does not run the shop. It is run by Bergoni. Why not write down your ideas and post them to Anthony Britton c/o the club shop. All profits from shop sales are passed to our club.
swanseadevilPosted on 19/5 22:39
city centre club shop / social club

surely now that we are rebuilding from the bottom isn’t it about time we have a city centre club shop/social club ? not only would this make it easier for jacks to get to but it would also allow the club to cash in on passing/tourist trade. the current club shop not only looks like an extension to the prison but you are treated like prisoners when/if you get inside there. i remember once before the cardiff faw game when the boys were giving their travel money to the club and i only had £3 change so i tried giving that but was told "£5 or nothing"!? i think i’d sooner strip off and paint the israeli flag on my gonads and run through the palestine section of the west bank naked than go in there! undoubtedly the most intimidating shop i’ve been in!

Dave Morgan: We will be looking to have a shop in the City Centre by the time the club moves to Morfa. Why have a social club in the city centre when all that will be based at Morfa? Morfa will also have a club shop, but we agree that another one needs to be in the city. Main problem at the moment are the rent charges in the prime areas in the centre. Wish you would spare us all your fetish thoughts!
perin1979Posted on 19/5 23:32
"Jack" from Brazil!

Hey guys, Some time ago i send an e-mail to Swansea official site, but they never been in contact with me. My name is Alexandre Perin, and I’m from Brazil. Some years ago, in 2001, I met in the internet the welshman Matthew Burgess, from Swansea. He is a fanatic "Jack" and I, immediately sYmpathized with the welsh club. First, because Matt is fan of my club, Sport Club Internacional (actually the second in Brazilian Championship and former club of Dunga, Taffarel, Falcão, Lúcio and others), and second because the Swansea colors are, like as Internacional, RED AND WHITE. Im very worried with the Third division campaign in 2002/03 season, but really relieved when, in last round, the JackArmy escape from the doomed Conference League. I just wanna a message from the Swansea board… I wish GOOD LUCK for Swans and for all the great Wales people (i will see ours in next Euro)… Regards from Brazil, Alexandre Perin

Dave Morgan: Thanks for getting in touch. Slight flaw in that the club colours are now black and white!! However, it is always nice to hear of people far away following the fortunes of the Swans and we, like you, hope that we can turn around the fortunes in this coming season. Yours, in Swansea City!
ReecoPosted on 20/5 2:11
Please ask Mr Flynn to

Go through all the released players in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Divisions and see who has got pedigree and may consider coming here for what we have to offer financially. Please remind him that we shouldn’t settle for players like Durkin, nothing against him personally but he would struggle to get into The Ja.Net Side and I am not joking, do not settle for 2nd best when you can get the best within reason, players like Martinez and Britton spring to mind, I appreciate money talks but just ask him to do this please. It’s so important not to have another season like this one. ATB. Reeco

clydachjackPosted on 20/5 12:01
re: Please ask Mr Flynn to

Due to the financial crisis affecting the whole of the nationwide league, there is a huge pool of talent available on frees. I agree with Reeco that there should be a thorough search of this talent to try and bring in more players of the calibre of Martinez and Britton. Personally I wouldn’t keep Durkan either- there are far better players out there. I like the Chris Llewellyn ‘rumour’- would like to see the club back up their words by getting some players to sign on the dotted line.

Dave Morgan: Brian Flynn is in charge of all playing matters at the club. He knows of the budget that he has to work with. He is constantly receiving faxes off all clubs regarding players being released, so he is automatically informed of all movements. Who found Martinez and Britton? It was Flynn, not one fan has pointed him in their direction!

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