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28.06.03 – 7.12am – The first two housemates up are Myra and James Thomas. They sit in the kitchen over a coffee discussing events of the week so far. Myra reveals that she has found the week very hard ‘as there is just so much ironing to be done at home’ James is more concerned with his fitness and reveals that he would just like to do some training. Reeco has joined the pair by now and he is more concerned that he has lost his hair brush and his quiff is turning more into a flop.
28.06.03 – 8.02am – All the housemates are up bar John Williams. They decide that they will get the four hours ‘awakeness’ out of John done straight off and then they can let him sleep for the rest of the day. Nick Rees awakes him ‘Moscow style’ (Russian Dances on his head)
28.06.03 – 9.13am – It’s bright and sunny in the Big Jack Brother house and the housemates decide to play cricket in the garden. Improvising they use John Williams as the stumps, the brush as a bat and Leon Britton as a ball. The game though is soon over as Myra hooks Leon Britton over silly mid wicket (Steve Watkin!) for six. The next twenty minutes is spent deciding how to get Leon Britton off the roof of the house.
28.06.03 – 11.34am – John Hollins and Leighton James sit in the bedroom discussing whether anyone could escape from the Big Jack Brother house. Leighton naturally assumes that he is the only one who could possibly escape from the house as the rest are just shadows in his greatness. John however believes that all housemates are good enough.
28.06.03 – 12.12pm – Leon Britton is lost. The housemates have no idea where he is gone and wonder whether he has made a break for freedom. They spend twenty minutes looking for him before realising to worse horror that John Williams has gone back to bed. They wake him and ask him when he went to bed and he doesn’t know the answer. Up he gets and they decide that to ensure success in the task, he must stay awake all afternoon.
28.06.03 – 1.34pm – Leon Britton is found under a piece of cheese in the fridge. He emerges from his trauma a little bit cold but otherwise unscathed. Suspicion falls on Leighton James as the one who put him there.
28.06.03 – 2.43pm – Peter Owen comes to the diary room. He wants to get a message to the outside world (well Swans world) that Steve Watkin is on the verge of signing for Arsenal as he heard him talking to John Williams about it. Big Jack Brother tries hard to keep a straight face as they explain that Steve was actually telling John “You’re and arse, dull and stupid too” “Big Jack Brother denies the request for access to the world” Peter instinctively replies “You can get access to world for only £3.99 per minute on a buy one get none free basis” Big Jack Brother asks him to leave the diary room and closes the invitation to return.
28.06.03 – 4.12pm – John Williams is still awake and the task is almost complete. The housemates relax and decide what they are spending the extra budget on. John Hollins, stupidly, is left to decide.
28.06.03 – 5.44pm – Big Jack Brother informs the housemates that they have not only completed the task but also broken the British record for keeping Williams awake. The previous best was 44 minutes in a three day period set in a game between Swansea and Wigan in 1991. To celebrate the housemates are allowed 24 cans of lager that evening.
28.06.03 – 6.13pm – The lager has all gone.
28.06.03 – 8.34pm – Evening meal time in the house. Leighton James has cooked them “the best meal you’ll ever had” Humble pie is not on the menu.
28.06.03 – 11.12pm – Myra, Peter and Leigh are in bed (and of course John Williams) – the other housemates are playing charades. No-one can be bothered to act out films and programmes bar Reeco who starts with ‘ET’, moves onto ‘The BFG’ and ends with ‘MIB’
29.06.03 – 12.02am – The rest of the housemates retire to bed after another long but enjoyable day in the Big Jack Brother house.

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