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Friday, 30 May 2003, 0:00
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29.06.03 – 4.02am – The housemates are given an unexpected alarm call when the fire alarms sound in the Big Jack Brother house. At first they think it is the alarm that signals that Reeco’s quiff is in favour or even the Leighton James talking sense alarm (the least sounded noise in Wales) but this is soon proved to be the fire alarm. No prizes for guessing who set this one off
29.06.03 – 4.34am – WIth all housemates up they decide that it is time for breakfast. Boiled eggs from the Big Jack Brother hens are the order of the day. Leon Britton has a temper tantrum when his is served but this soon dies when Nick cuts his toast into soldiers for him. Sadly he soon has to do it for Peter and Steve Watkin. Naturally, Watkin dipd his soldier in his cup of tea by mistake.
29.06.03 – 6.58am – John Williams has retired back to bed. The remaining housemates talk about their favourite memories with the Swans. Hollins is clearly dreaming when he claims that his favourite moment was hearing the sounds of “Johnny Hollibs Barmy Army” from the terraces. It takes Leigh to point out to him that the words were “f barmy” Steve Watkin remembers his goal, strangely enough not one of the others can remember this until Peter recalls one that went in off his backside.
29.06.03 – 8.03am – Leighton James has moved the conversation onto his radio show. He tells the housemates that he just cannot believe the stupidity of some people that call and how he feels that none of them have a right to disagree with him. Nick points out that he disagrees with this statement right now and Leighton bursts three blood vessels in his head before heading off to the bedroom to sulk.
29.06.03 – 11.54pm – With just over 24 hours until the first eviction from the BJB house, the housemates are wondering what kind of reception that they could get if it was them that was leaving. Hollins is convinced that Swansea fans will give him the traditional ‘Townhill welcome’ when he leaves the house – strangely everyone agrees with him. Nick believes that the press will be queuing up to take his picture again. Leigh on the other hand is convinced that the whole supporters trust members will turn up to salue the return of the conquering hero. John Williams meanwhile realises that no-one will actually realise he is gone.
29.06.03 – 1.34pm – There is a slight disagreement in the house. Someone has drunk the energy drink that Jason Smith had in the fridge and he is worried that without it his kidneys will pack up. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that Leon Britton may be the guilty one as he is bopuncing from chair to chair – the energy drink clearly being too much for one too small. However, suspicion turns away from Leon when the housemates realise that John Williams has just overtaken a snail in the garden. Leon’s extra energy is put down to him eating a packet of Refreshers earlier on.
29.06.03 – 3.00pm – The housemates decide as it is 3pm that a game of football is called for. The twelve housemates and the four BJB hens are drawn one on one in a knockout format of three and in. They have four cabbages left in their food supply and it is decided that these can act as balls. There is an immediate shock in the first round as Steve Watkin is beaten 3-0 by one of the hens whilst John Hollins is also knocked out by default when he takes thirt minutes on where he is to place a penalty into an empty goal. John Williams is also beaten on penalties by Nick Rees, a match all the more strange in that Nick was sent off within two minutes of the start.
29.06.03 – 4.48pm – It’s the final of the football and Peter Owen is taking on James Thomas (stranegly enough!) Peter has come through a nervy semi final against Jason Smith who was forced to concede when a leaf fell off the cabbage and caused him to rupture knee ligaments. Thomas takes an early goal before being pegged back by Peter who takes a 2-1 lead. A hotly disputed penalty takes James to 2-2 before the hometown lad cooly lobs the cabbage over Myra in goals for the winning strike. Thomas is clearly delighted and jumps into the crowd, severely injuring one of the chickens in the process
29.06.03 – 5.12pm – James Thomas is out of control. He has now climed on the roof of the BJB house and is showering the rest of the housemates with the bottle of comfort in the wash cupboard. James decides to slam jump off the roof into the group. Unfortuantely for him he lands on both Peter Owen and Leigh Dineen and it takes him twenty minutes to stop bouncing.
29.06.03 – 8.32pm – In twenty four hours one of the housemates will be leaving. To celebrate their last night together as a full group, BJB has allowed them a celebratory meal. The theme of the meal is ‘Mike Lewis’ The starter is pea soup but they are surprised to receive just water. BJB explains that this is because Lewis took the p! The main course is a nice piece of bird whilst dessert is a nice gateau. Leon Britton breaks two teeth when he bites into the file inside the cake.
29.06.03 – 11.32pm – Alcohol is in full flow again tonight and serveral of the housemates have fallen asleep due to consumption. Myra however is wide awake and dancing on the tables. The housemates have to put a stop to the game as she peels off her top. Nick immediately comes to the diary room to request that the housemates are treated for shock and exposure to dangerous elements
30.06.03 – 12.12am – The housemates head to bed. John Williams has been there several hours. Leon refuses to go to sleep without a bedtime story and Watkin is told to tell him the one about how he single handedly destroyed Arsenal in the FA Cup. Leon claps his hands, smiles and exclaims how he loves fairy stories
30.06.03 – 12.42am – All housemates are asleep bar Leighton who is making very strange movements under his duvet cover.
Don’t forget to tune back in tomorrow when we reveal who will be the first evictee of the Big Jack Brother House.

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