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30.05.03 – 7.52am – It’s the day of the first eviction and the first two housemates are up. Peter Owen is looking particularly tired as Nick Rees recounts that Peter was having nightmare last night. Nick isn’t too sure of the full content of the nightmare but tells Peter that he did shout out “PTV will never go bust” halfway through the night.
30.05.03 – 9.14am – The remainder of the housemates are up and Big Jack Brother informs them that the announcement of eviction will come at 8.30pm tonight. Leighton James informs the group that he doesn’t need to wait for the announcement, Myra will be going home “anu idiot can see that”
30.05.03 – 10.33am – It’s a late breakfast for the housemates – the last one they will share as a group. Fittingly it is the best one – cooked by Myra. Myrs though seems pre-occupied about season ticket sales at the club. She is concerned that fans will not get their usual spots in the stands as she started the log when she first started in the club shop and is not convinced that anyone else knows where the chisel and slate is.
30.05.03 – 12.00pm – For some unknown reason the housemates are singing “mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun” as it is another beautiful day in the BJB garden. The Englishmen are dispatched outside and Leighton James is classed as a mad dog. Nick wants to put him down but (you know what’s coming!) Steve Watkin insists on holding him up.
30.05.03 – 4.12pm – Not knowing which one of them is going to leave the house, the housemates decide all to start getting ready for the evictions by putting on their leaving outfits. All are concerned that the piublic will see them as they know them best. Leighton James attaches two bottles of whiskey to his coat with velcro, Jason Smith dons the crutches and bandages whilst Leon Britton polishes his pram. Nick Rees wears the full Russian dress whilst Leigh spends ages attaching his ‘chairman’ badge to his jacket. John Williams naturally puts his pyjamas on.
30.05.03 – 7.31pm – The housemates play a dangerous game with just an hour to go. They all throw an item of clothing in to the centre of the room and whoever owns the first item picked has to let the other housemates tell them what annoys them about that person. John Hollins’ underpants are the first that are picked out, sadly Nick is the only one who gets to play and the housemates call time on what he is saying at 8.22pm
30.05.03 – 8.28pm – Tension is unbearable in the house as they gather on the sofas wo await the announcement. They decide to all hold hands in a state of solidarity but this soon breaks down when everyone refuses to hold Leighton’s hand as none of them know where they have been.
30.05.03 – 8.33pm – A voice is heard in the Big Brother house and for a change it isn’t Leightons. The voice clearly says “Housemates you are live on please do not swear, the public have been voting all week for the one of you that they would like to see evicted. I can now announce that the first person to be evicted from the Big Jack Brother House is……….”
30.05.03 – 8.34pm – “………….Reeco” Shocked silence in the house as Reeco flicks his hair and Leighton says “I knew that was going to happen” One by one the housemates shake Reeco’s hand and hug him all agreeing that he will be missed in the house. Reeco though is more philosiphical (sp) and says “TYVM Guys. You have been great. It has been a pleasure to spend a week in here with you guys – you are the best that I have ever met and I couldn’t have asked for a better time. You are a credit to the human race. We have had some LOLs this week and plenty of ATBs and I TEAEOOYVM”
30.05.03 – 9.02pm – Whilst Reeco packs his cases in the bedroom, John Hollins is heard in the toilet practising to take over from Reeco. “BTA, TVMY and OLO” is heard many times.
30.05.03 – 10.17pm – It’s time for Reeco to bid farewell to the Big Jack Brother house. A final handshake and hug with all housemates and the doors open and Reeco disappears through them. Some cheers are heard from the three people that have turned up to see Reeco leave and the doors shut leaving just eleven in the house. Hollins sits down and says “If he hadn’t have been evicted he would still have been here. I thought he was good enough to win it.”
30.05.03 – 11.27pm – It’s a subdued atmosphere in the house without Reeco. Leigh has quiffed his hair up to ease the pain and Nick Rees is drinking diet coke. They still cannot believe that the first one of them has gone and all are now worried that they will be next out next Friday.
31.05.03 – 12.27am – The housemates all head to bed. It’s a strange sight as the lights are turned off for the last time and they see one empty bed in the corner of the room. Twelve started, eleven still survive. That was the first Big Jack Brother eviction.

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