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We talked to Swans director Dave Morgan who provided us with details of their responses to posts made – here is the full questions and answers if you like
swan65splitPosted on 28/5 21:06
The Club Badge??

Although the present one is quite modern I still feel the old one is more of keeping and something the fans can respond to. The new badge is a throw back off our past owners and therefore I believe not keeping in the clubs traditions! Now we have yourselves at the helm, fans like ourselves who love and support our club maybe some more than their other halves!! How about the club reverting to the old style badge and therefore kick starting a new era and killing the ghosts of our past?? By the way, your work at the club is more than appreciated.

Dave Morgan: As you will remember, one of the first things we did was to change the club colours back to the rightful black and white. This was also to get rid of a red idea imposed by the past owners that upset many fans greatly including myself. People will always have different thoughts of what they want. Some like modern, some like old. We will never keep everyone happy with whatever decisions we make. We are going to move to a modern stadium so what is wrong with a modern badge? Some would want the old badge & some the present one. Which old badge would you want? There have been a few to pick from! There are no plans though to change the badge – but at least we are black and white!
PSumblerPosted on 28/5 23:46
From Nick Ahern

Due to Swansea having one of the largest amateur football leagues in Britain, it will always be difficult for matches to avoid clashing with matches at the Vetch. Is there any way that discussions could take place between the club and whatever necessary authorities in an attempt to rectify this and allow more people the opportunity to get to the Vetch? Nick

diswanPosted on 31/5 22:37
re: From Nick Ahern

Completely agree with Nick,this problem also extends to the Under-15 age group upwards,who for the first time find themselves having to choose between playing for their team of maybe six or seven years or continuing as a regular at the Vetch.

Dave Morgan: This has been tried in the past & failed due to a large number of local teams. There is a Sunday morning league and also juniors play on Saturday mornings.. There is no other time for senior local clubs to play other than Saturday afternoons as local pitches are used to their full potential. This is why we know that evening matches get bigger gates and also there is bigger support prior to local leagues starting their season. We do automatically speak to Swansea Rugby club, the Welsh FA and the RFU for their fixture lists to make sure there is no major clash in fixtures but if any fixtures by the other bodies are altered after their fixture lists are confirmed that is out of our control.
swancjackboy Posted on 29/5 8:55

I think that we should have terracing in the morfa when its built. Its the north bank that makes the vetch a great place to go and it has an amazing atmosphere. To make the stadium be able to be used for a variety of events the terracing should be able to be converted into seating if wanted ( this was done in Germany a few years ago in somewhere like hamburg) and so would make the stadium more versatile and so make more money for the club

Dave Morgan: I agree that the atmosphere generated on the North Bank can be one of the best I have ever witnessed. We have to hope that our fans will generate the same in the new stadium. We are not the first club to move grounds or redevelop their ground nor will we be the last.
seajaPosted on 29/5 15:43
Open Day?

Any chance of the club organising an open or fun day in the lead up to next season. They could charge a nominal fee for entry, open the club bars, maybe a bouncy castle or two , organised tours of the Vetch i.e dressing rooms, board romm etc, maybe ending with a practice match in front of the fans between maybe the 1st Team and the reserves. The kids could get all the squad autographs and some pics. And everyone would be ready for the new season. Only an idea, but what does anyone else think

Dave Morgan: This is something to look at doing. Will mention it to the trust to look at organising. I doubt if there would be a match or people allowed to walk on the pitch as the pitch has been re-seeded and the less activity other than 1st team matches on the pitch the better for it to see out the season. There are not many free weekend to pick as we are home to Bristol City on 19th July, away to Shrewsbury on 26th and then fly to Holland for a couple of games before the season starts.
blackjack65Posted on 30/5 16:03
New north bank

If & when we do move to Morfa, as terracing is not an option, would it be possible to make the new North Bank non reserved seats so that friends can sit together whether they have season tickets or not. Should make for a better atmosphere as fans can gather together in groups. Season ticket holders who prefer the same seat for every home game can sit in another stand.

ben_jackPosted on 3/6 15:41
new north bank

I totally agree with blackjack65. If you were to create a new north bank that wasn’t all ticket it would create a far better atmopshere and everyone would know where they were in the ground – perhaps all the stands could be named the same as they are now so that everybody who currently stands on the north bank would know where to go!

Dave Morgan: The new stadium will have 20,000 seats. With only 1720 season ticket holders last season there will be plenty of unreserved seating!! Of course there would have to be open days & friendly matches so that fans could get the feel of the stadium and decide where they would want to watch matches from. (season ticket holders or not) I’m sure that after these games, fans will make their own decision as to where they want to sit.
jackswan01Posted on 30/5 21:14


Dave Morgan: The result is announced when the ticket is picked on the pitch. What is the point of putting it in the Evening Post etc when everyone who has bought a ticket is at the match? Next season if the prize goes unclaimed then we will print it in the next programme.
MikeKentPosted on 31/5 8:55
Share issue

Have a share issue to fans. This was proposed in the Ninth Floor time. Just because their period of ownership of the club was an overall failure, it does not mean that everything was wrong. Many fans have invested via the Trust, but others are attracted by the concept of owning part of the club. Both schemes can operate in parallel. (I previously proposed this in the “Big ideas” page on Dai’s site, so excuse the duplication, but I had no response).

Dave Morgan: The reason that it did not happen under 9th Floor regime is that when you look into the rules and regulations governing this idea, you would understand the costs incurred would outweigh any benefit to the club. It would be worth it if the sale raised many thousands of pounds but it would take alot of £10 or £50 purchases to make it cost effective.
MikeKentPosted on 31/5 9:00
Play Ladies games after Div.3 games

Play the Swans Ladies team games directly after Div.3 games, as was done once at the start of last season. This seemed to bring in a lot of new supporters, often friends and families of players, but others like my wife who is a sportswoman and generally supports women’s sport. A percentage of these people will pay to attend the Div.3 games, thereby increasing attendances.

Dave Morgan: We Couldn’t do it as there are no extra changing room facilities and pitch must be kept in best condition for 1st team matches. The gym is now used for hospitality so no available room to change for the ladies
neathjack23Posted on 2/6 11:27

Am I right in thinking that entrance to the north bank on match days for oaps, students, child and passport to leisure is only £6? The season ticket is £95 before the end of June? Then it seems crazy to me that you cannot buy a season ticket with a passport to leisure??? Would it not make more sense for people with a P.T.L to get a reduced price season ticket as well because you can qualify for a P.T.L. if your on working family tax credits (NOTICE THE FAMILY IN THAT LITTLE SENTENCE) i.e more money to take the kids which would mean bigger attendances and more fans for the next generation????? I’m hardly likely to spend £190 on an adult season ticket when I can get in on matchday for £6. For the life of me I can’t se the sense!!!!

garyjack_is_backPosted on 2/6 12:18
re: prices

mmm! difficult one to call this. but i suppose it can be argued that anyone with a passport to leisure that can afford £95 for a season ticket could easily afford to pay full price on matchdays?

jacktojack2002Posted on 2/6 21:49 Email this Message | re: prices

I had same problem when i was a student. Pointless buying a season ticket when it was fiver to get in

Dave Morgan: The whole idea behind the scheme is that PTL and SU card holders are not supposed to have much disposable income. Why have a season ticket available when you could get a job and then not be entitled to the discount. Students can buy a season ticket for £95 (if they show proof that they are in full time education) We would not expect fellow Swans fans to rip off the club but perhaps it may be worth us considering doing away with the PTL discount in the future if it is misused by some? (which will be a great shame for those fans that genuinely deserve that facility)
jackarmy2Posted on 4/6 10:08

I believe the club should do everything possible to sell out the first home game next season. There will hopefully be a buzz with new signings. We are guaranteed probably 6000+ as we always get a good opener gate. With the help of JA.Net the ep and the club we could easily sell out the 9000 odd home capacity. If its a good game and our side looks decent this will have a knock on effect. Mr Morgan – just look at the effect the increased crowd against lincoln had, a snowball effect on crowds to the end of the season – although other factors played a part too.

Dave Morgan: The club and the media will do their utmost to try and get the crowd at it’s maximum for the opening day. Local leagues not having started will add numbers to the gate as will the sufferance from a lack of football over the summer. I am interested in your ideas on how we go about this – please post any thoughts that you have.
swansealoyalPosted on 4/6 10:09

I was in Cambridge on business the other day and noticed quite a few posters in house windows saying’ closer to live football’ and then a blurb with prices on season tickets at CUFC. Might be an idea for us to boost season tickets?

Dave Morgan: We have sent out 1700 letters to season ticket holders for last season. 1400 more have gone out today for people who didn’t have a season ticket last season but have had one before and next week we will target 1000 businesses in the area with a view to getting them involved for hospitality, season tickets for employees etc. Couple this with the media promotion and I think this will generate more sales then a few posters in a few houses?

If you have a question for your club, then please post it on this Message Board – they will be responded to!


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