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We talked to Swans director Dave Morgan who provided us with details of their responses to posts made – here is the full questions and answers if you like
neuaddsiblyPosted on 5/6 10:38
Advertise/Link to University

Hi there, First sorry if this has already been suggested…i dont get much time to check the board these days. As a graduate of Swansea Uni, i cannot believe how little (none) interaction there was between the University and SCFC. As a thriving university town, there is a huge fanbase waiting for the club, which has never been exploited. At least not while I was there. How about posters in the bars/halls of residence? How about open days? How about additional schemes to get people to go to matches? So many of the students are football mad. I am just one of a small group of graduates who became swansea city fans after moving there to study. And you dont have to be Welsh…my friends were English. And we only found out about the student discount by chance…didnt see any promotion about it whatsoever. And what about forging close links with the Swansea Uni football team? Could be a wealth of talent right on the doorstep. I remember a guy played for the rugby team, ended up joining Swansea Rugby Club while still studying. Thanks for your time and carry on the great work. Paul

Dave Morgan: Some good points. I have personally written this week to the student union rep at each college & university in the region to point out how the Student Union discount scheme works. I have asked each of them to publicise the scheme via newsletters and notice boards etc. I have also told them that cheaper tickets are available to people in full time education showing the necessary proof after August.
jacquePosted on 5/6 10:46
Posters 2 the fixture list

Dave, you mention "a few posters in a few houses" do you realise for a couple of hundred you could have 2000+ to be placed in every pub in Swansea, Llanelli, Neath, Port Talbot, Bridgend, Aberdare and all points west, what that could do is attract "passing trade" or people who don’t regularly attend, maybe their at a loose end due to a local league football match being cancelled or the wife visiting her sister (or whatever), I remember the Jack Sullivan sponsored posters for the six nations, and it was good to see where and when Wales were playing so that I could plan ahead (Swans permitting) and arrange the next pee-up Rgds Huw

Dave Morgan: I have asked members of the trust board to look at the possibility of organising this suggestion. It is not just the printing but also the distribution that needs to be looked at to make sure they don’t end up being binned when they arrive as a pub.
MattParryPosted on 5/6 11:55
Have to agree about a share issue

I know shares in football teams have had a very bad press in recent times but somebody must be able to come up with another idea to raise interest in the financial side of the club, other than the Trust (which I fully support), and isn’t there a cheaper way of issuing shares

Dave Morgan: The simple answer is no – not to small investors. The costs incurred in doing this would outweigh any financial benefit to the club, Your best way is to invest via the Supporters Trust.
YmlaenYJacksPosted on 5/6 12:29

I expect this must have been suggested before but just in case: The blueturds seem to have a good relationship with the Echo and have a full page advert in the paper during the week leading up to the game, we cant we do the same? In all EP editions across south west wales and perhaps something along the same lines in the smaller weekly papers, llanelli/llwchwr star, carmarthen journal etc. Also agree with idea to produce posters with full fixture list to place in pubs, supermatkets, local shops etc We need to rasie awareness of the club and work on the undoubted supporter potential in the region.

Dave Morgan: We have a good relationship with our local paper but they are not going to give us a free page advert. At the end of the day we even have to pay for a small advert in the situations vacant section. The football club is a business as is the Evening Post. Most other local regional newspapers are sister papers of the Evening Post so the same would apply to them.
swanbhoyPosted on 5/6 12:32

could the club publish some detailed plans of the new stadium, so we can see what bars, clubs,and the inside of the stadium. I have also heard that visiting supporters are going to be housed in the north bank behind the goals, this can’t be right can it?

Dave Morgan: We have seen all the plans and have had full involvement in making any alterations to the original plans. It is however not our position to put the plans on show. We will merely be tenants of the new stadium. The City Council are building the stadium so it is them who should release the plans for it. The plans have been on display in the Trust Office on the North Bank but more detailed plans are held by the council.
jacktojack2002Posted on 5/6 18:35
What can you do for us?

1.I’m a teacher in a local comprehensive school and would like to start a supporters club for the pupils? Could the swans offer us anything to encourage the kids to join? (certificates, vouchers tours etc) 2.Also is there any chance of some of the players coming to train with our school teams? I know you have the centre’s of excellence but these are only for the good players, who will more than likely play themselves on a saturday when they r older. 3.On the same note could you bring in exhibition games before the games for local boys. School v School. Club v Club. This would encourage more young FANS to the games. As i said I know we have the development squads playing before the game but most of these boys will go on to play on a saturday not watch the swans. This has been brought on by my amazement of how many local kids have no interest in the Swans and have never been to the vetch. The ‘kids go free’ scheme is great for kids with an interest in the club or a parent with an interest in the club but does not, in my opinion and experience, encourage kids who have never visited the vetch to do so.

Dave Morgan: If you contact Linden Jones on 633424. He is in charge of the ‘football in the community programme’. He will be able to assist you on this front.
ben_jackPosted on 5/6 19:14
Price of season tickets

Mr.Morgan, in one of your previous responses, you stated that the price of a student season ticket was £95…when you say student, does that include sixth form education, i.e. studying for A levels?

Dave Morgan: As long as you will be in full time education from August onwards and can produce proof of this (letter from school/college) then you can buy a student season ticket for all parts of the ground.
Ian442Posted on 5/6 19:33

Are most definately in order to the management and board for the great news on Leon Britton and James Thomas.Well done

Dave Morgan: Thanks for your words – much appreciated
bagjackPosted on 6/6 7:18
evening games

Is there any reason why evening games kick off at 7.45? as a shift worker i find i have to leave before the end of the game and i am considering getting a season ticket again but will have to wait for the fixtures to see what games i can make .I find rushing off before the end of a game a pain and so is there any chance of a 7.30 kick off?

Dave Morgan: From memory, evening games used to kick off at 7.30. There were many requests at that time from Swans fans living outside the area (including the MAGS) to have later kick off times to allow them longer to travel to a match. Again this is another example of different fans wanting/needing different things. Whatever time we kicked off evening matches there would be some that the arrangement would not suit.

More Answers From Dave Morgan

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