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We talked to Swans director Dave Morgan who provided us with details of their responses to posts made – here is the full questions and answers if you like
jackarmy2Posted on 6/6 11:34 Email this Message | Fao Dave Morgan

Hi Dave, Here are some ideas for to help sell out the first home game, although I’m sure you could think of plenty. 1. Sign good players – I believe this is being done. 2. Ask every season ticket holder to use their guest ticket for the 1st game. 3. Make the game all ticket – just like the Exeter game as a big crowd is expected. Stress the fact that the last 2 games where a virtual sell out and a sell out and that average crowds since last christmas are well over 6,000. 4. Ask the help of JANET, SCFC.CO.UK, Supporters trust and the Evening Post – They always have good ideas. 5. Have a band at castle gardens for the start of what is hopefully going to be a good season – like cardiff did when they marched from ninian to the millenium. It would be great publicity We are guaranteed a crowd of 6 – 7000 for the 1st game as we always are. It wont take much to sell out the Vetch for the first game. ATB Princey

Dave Morgan: In answer to your points
1. The signing of players is in the hands of Brian Flynn
2. The fans on this point will do what they want to do
3. All ticket matches can have a detremental effect on crowd numbers. Unless it is a guaranteed sell out i could lose money. The ground will hold nearly 13,000 people next season after the safety work has been completed.
Should I hire an elephant as well? I do hope you are right on your forecast.
Cyrils_DadPosted on 6/6 13:14
transfer budget?????

I know this is probably a silly question given that the club isn’t exactly rich, but will there be any money available for transfer fees?

Dave Morgan: Why spend money when there are nearly 600 players out of contract or available for free on a Bosman ruling?
Cyrils_DadPosted on 6/6 13:16

Will we be seeing the likes of Matthew Roberts and Antonio Corbisiero featuring more in the 1st team?

MattParryPosted on 6/6 15:40

Does the club have any intention of running trials – its just that Crowell (southampton have just released, used to be on our books), Karl Readdy and Craig Draper (if he’s fit?) should all be invited along in my opinion. Also why don’t we have a word with Fashanu, down the road, about getting us a decent Nigerian striker to partner Thomas

Dave Morgan: As stated in previous responses, footballing matters are under the control of Brian Flynn and only he would be able to answer this question.
MattParryPosted on 6/6 15:33
Advertise – for free

Basically Swansea have never tried to draw much attention to themselves, and me and my dad have over the years (actually more my dad to be honest) wondered why you don’t put posters on the bridges over the mumbles road (one by university and one by the patti pavilion are two obvious example) over the road advertising our next game….at least then the sometimes-fans would know when were playing

Dave Morgan: We looked at doing this last season but you need permission to do so. Have you ever seen a professional banner other than one for a council run event? The banners cost hundreds of pounds to be made and the likelihood of them being stolen is quite high. It is a good idea and we have also looked at a ‘next fixture’ board somewhere similar to the one at Sainsbury’s for the rugby club.
MattParryPosted on 6/6 15:45
use the league of Wales too

I don’t think we utilise this resource enough either, there must (and are) some players playing in the league of Wales who we could snatch…(one team, can’t remember who, has a few ex-Cardiff players who went astray but always looked quite good and still aren’t all that old)

Dave Morgan: I can also think of a certain football team not far away with plenty of ex-Swans players on their books 😉
hugejackPosted on 6/6 22:49
Friday night matches

As was mentioned before, Saturday afternoon games clash with local league football. Are there any plans to change to Friday night matches instead, as this would also mean the club would not have to compete with the shoppers, hopefully bigger crowds and easier parking and better travelling time.

Dave Morgan: The directive from the football league says that weekend matches should kick off on Saturdays at 3pm and midweek matches at 7.30pm or 7.45pm. There can always be some changes to that due to police requests etc but we would not be allowed to change all matches to Friday evenings.
PT_JackPosted on 9/6 17:42
Move to Morfa

Just wondering that when we move to Morfa, whether bits of the Vetch will be sold off to fans, either with an auction-style setting or at flat rates. I’m sure loads of us would love a piece of the Vetch in our homes, it could be anything, from a piece of the pitch, to seats or even mounted concrete from the North Bank or something! There is plenty of opportunity to make some more money out of the move!

Dave Morgan: Of course but we are still two years away from that point. What would you like the club to take from the Vetch to the Morfa? Ideas in the usual place?

If you have a question for your club, then please post it on this Message Board – they will be responded to!


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