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11.06.03 – 5.42am – An early start in the house with just eleven hours left to complete the model stadium. The building side of the house start the day with a well deserved cup of tea before realising in horror that someone has vandalised the boards overnight. Leon Britton is installed as prime candidate mainly because the grafitti states that ‘Bob The Builder Rocks’
11.06.03 – 6.18am – Building work has stopped after twenty minutes of hard graft due to a dispute over workers rights. John Hollins is installed as union adviser to the building team and enters the diary room to demand that they are given private dental treatment as part of their pay package. Big Jack Brother gives serious consideration to automatic failure of the task.
11.06.03 – 7.53am – The building team have pointed out a fatal flaw in the design of the stadium. The designing team have forgotten to put any entrances into it. James Thomas announces that it was a deliberate design fault and that he will personally chip every single fan over the stadium to the inside.
11.06.03 – 9.14am – Absolutely nothing has been done on the stadium for almost 2 days. Peter Owen prepares a press release to announce whether it is going forward or not. He enters the diary room to announce that the stadium will now go ahead and should be ready by two weeks on Friday. Big Jack Brother reminds him that it has to be finished by 4pm or the group will fail the task.
11.06.03 – 11.43am – All the housemates are now working on the building side of the stadium. At present they are working on Peter Owen’s office. A huge plasma screen has been placed on the wall to allow him to sit back and view Swans World at his pleasure whilst the motto has been placed on the wall "The Best Things In Life Aren’t Free" Myra’s office is much more simplified with just a desk and a chair together with a huge framed picture of a season ticket. The manager’s office is fitted with a revolving door to save valuable energy.
11.06.03 – 1.56pm – The stadium is less than half finished. Leon is close to throwing a temper tantrum as every time he parks his cars in the spaces on the car park, someone knocks them off as they attempt to build something. Steve Watkin offers to help them – three cars end up in the river and one in Peter Owen’s office. The task is not going well.
11.06.03 – 4.02pm – The housemates have officially failed the task for the first time. The stadium is just one stand complete and has been for quite some time now. There are no signs that they were anywhere near progressing with it. The groups congratulate themselves on a job well done and wonder how they will replace the 812 tea bags that they have got through in the last three days.
11.06.03 – 6.14pm – After the disappointment of the task, Myra decides that she will cook a big meal to cheer the group up. She asks if anyone wants Chicken Legs and almost in unison the group reply "John already has"
11.06.03 – 8.01pm – The food budget for next week is now less than £50 and the group debate the merits of what they should order. Leon Britton is quite keen on Farley’s rusks but the group decide that shouldn’t be done and they entrust John Hollins to do the shopping list. They leave him to it for an hour before coming back to find he has ordered nothing.
11.06.03 – 9.51pm – The shopping list is done and the food for next week ordered. Nick Rees is amusing the groups with some of his favourite Hollins quotes. He starts with "If we had scored one more goal we’d have won it" before moving on through "It’s more difficult to play against 10 men" and "We can win the last seventeen games and stay up" John Hollins is amazed at Nick’s football knowledge and looks at him in awe before memorising some of the quotes for future use.
11.06.03 – 11.50pm – It’s been a long day in the house and a disappointing one. Before heading to bed, the housemates play the tiddlywinks section of the Olympics. John Williams is confident that he will win before someone points out that tiddlywinks is not a deeper form of sleep to forty winks.

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