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13.06.03 – 8.11am – It’s the day of the third eviction in the Big Jack Brother House and first out of bed on a sunny day is Peter Owen. Peter comes to the diary room to ask if he is allowed to fly to Spain to speak to Roberto Martinez as well. Big Jack Brother refuses the request an informs a startled Peter that you cannot actually pick up an NTL line in Barcelona.
13.06.03 – 9.14am – The housemates gather round the sofas to play a game of Hollinsisms. The object of the game is to come out with a comment that could easily come from the mouth of John – the winner coming up with the most ridiculous one. Nick Rees starts off with a ‘If I was constipated I wouldn’t have been able to have that huge dump just now" statement. Leigh follows on with a "If we weren’t trusted we would be called the supporter’s mis-trust" which draws a few funny looks from the housemates but they see the Hollins in the comment.
13.06.03 – 9.32am – Steve Watkin’s effort in the game is a simple "If I could score goals I wouldn’t be so sh te" whilst Peter appears to be shy as he tells Leigh that "PTV is good for the whole of football and every football fan who claims to be a true fan should sign up for Swans World as it benefits everyone" Nick claims that Peter’s Hollins effort will not be beaten until Peter points out that he wasn’t actually playing the game at that moment in time.
13.06.03 – 9.43am – Myra tries to convince the group that she is actually only 37 and that 30 years of following the Swans has aged her. It’s a good effort and must class as a Hollinsism as John believes every word that she is saying.
13.06.03 – 9.51am – Jason Smith is crowned the winner of the Hollins competition when he claims that he is capable of lasting a further six weeks in the Big Jack Brother house without any form of injury. Again, John believes him and declares the last 40 minutes to be his best time in the house so far.
13.06.03 – 7.33pm – There is less than one hour to go until the third eviction from the Big Jack Brother House. Nick Rees is convinced that his time in the house will be up as he believes that the voting public will not like the fact that he is from Russia. He tries one desperate plea to the male voting public by saying that he is friends with Tatu but is it too late?
13.06.03 – 8.12pm – Myra has her best Sunday dress on in case she gets evicted. As she explains it was a choice between that or her Birthday suit, the housemates congratulate her on the correct decision.
13.06.03 – 8.41pm – As the housemates sit in silence, the voice arrives on the speakers "Housemates you are live on, please do not swear. The public have been voting all week for the person they want to see leave the Big Jack Brother house and I can advise that the third person to be evicted is………."
13.06.03 – 8.42pm – "……………..John Hollins. John you have around one hour to pack and say your goodbyes" In tribute to the one soon to depart the house, the remaining nine housemates fold their arms and sit in silence for twenty minutes.
13.06.03 – 9.02pm – John Hollins declares that he is going nowhere and a few people on the internet are not going to force him out. He states that he is good enough to stay for the remaining six weeks and that anyone on the internet is an enemy of the house. His final claim is that he would have to be carried out of there in a box to which a few housemates mutter that it can be arranged.
13.06.03 – 9.24pm – John can’t decide whether to pack or not. Nick helps him along by packing for him. The other 8 housemates are still sat arms folded without moving.
13.06.03 – 10.03pm – John Hollins leaves the house. For the first time in six hours he unfolds his arms to wave goodbye to the house. He remembers the famous Swansea wave that he had when he was sacked and as he walks up the steps he shows the remaining housemates two fingers.
13.06.03 – 11.27pm – Myra makes the most ridiculous statement of Big Jack Brother so far when she remarks that ‘it is so much quieter without John Hollins in the house" Three of the housemates explain that they hadn’t even noticed that John had gone.
13.06.03 – 11.58pm – With 3 of the original 12 housemates now out, the housemates retire to bed and know that in 7 days time another one of them will be evicted from the BJB House. Who goes is up to the voting public and the votes are now open for everyone to vote for the fourth person to leave the house at the link below

Who Leaves? YOU Decide – Vote Now For The Fourth Eviction – Click Here

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