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Monday, 16 June 2003, 0:00
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14.06.03 – 9.02am – John Williams is the first housemate up. He moves into the sofa area for a lie down pausing only briefly to make himself a cup of tea. Sadly for him he never gets to drink it as he falls asleep while the tea is brewing.
14.06.03 – 11.14am – The housemates are playing an improvised game of twister. Instead of coloured markings they are using tins of food as the targets to place parts of their body on. Instead of a spinner to decide which body part they have to place where, Jason Smith opens a tin of food and whichever part of his body he injures while doing so provides the part of the body that the housemate has to move onto the tin. The game comes to an abrupt halt on Myra’s turn when Smudger injures his left testicle opening a tin of Strawberries.
14.06.03 – 12.45pm – Leon Britton is teething. Myra volunteers to help Leon come through his teething problems but struggles to find a suitable replacement for Bon Jela. The nearest she can find is the housemates Colgate toothpaste but this seems to do little to soothe Leon. Steve Watkin starts telling the housemates about his goal against Arsenal and Leon is soon asleep (along with the rest of them)
14.06.03 – 1.11pm – Leigh Dineen is trying to sell the clothes that he bought into the house. He is quite happy not to receive any money now providing the housemates that buy them pay him £5 per week for the first 13 weeks after they leave the house. Myra buys two T-Shirts so that her kids can go camping and Leon Britton buys one as his bedroom needs new curtains
14.06.03 – 3.19pm – It’s the latest event in the Big Jack Brother olympics. The high jump. The housemates have to take it in turn to jump over John Williams head. The person that manages it most times is declared the winner. The competition starts well with Myra’s Fosbury Flop over Williams but has to be abandoned when Nick Rees kicks Williams in the head on his way over. He claims it to be an accident but the remaining housemates are not so sure seeing as Nick kicked him twice. James Thomas added three kicks for good measure.
14.06.03 – 4.14pm – Peter Owen leads a discussion within the group of whether Swans fans should wish Cardiff success next season. John Williams claims that they should and believes that he has proved it can be done by playing for both clubs. He believes that Swans fans unable to travel to away matches should attend Ninian Park instead on alternate Saturdays and get behind the boys in blue. Nick Rees asks Williams when he will be signing the contract that he heard was forthcoming from Arsenal. Williams asks him if that was really happening to which Nick says "no, but you started the fairy stories" Myra groans as she realises that Leon has heard the word fairy story and retires to the bedroom to tell him the one about Cinderella
14.06.03 – 7.02pm – Because the housemates are on food rations for the week due to the failing of the weekly task, the meal tonight is a delicious serving of poached egg on toast. Naturally, Jason Smith burns his, James Thomas has three eggs, Steve Watkin makes a boiled egg by mistake and John Williams has his runny.
14.06.03 – 9.00pm – After the afternoon twister it is now time for a game of Cluedo in the house. The rules are very simple on this, the lights in the house are turned out and someone has to attack Steve Watkin with an implement that they find in the kitchen. When the lights come back on the housemates have to guess who done it. Watkin decides to double bluff the group by attacking himself but he misses and Jason Smith ends the game needing stitches.
14.06.03 – 11.28pm – Myra, Leon, Leigh and James Thomas have all gone to bed (not together I hasten to add). The remaining housemates are in the garden discussing Steve Watkin’s ten greatest misses. It takes some time to narrow the list down to ten but they get there in the end. Strangely enough, Watkin has an excuse for each and every one of them.
15.06.03 – 12.57am – The remaining housemates are heading to bed. Tomorrow they will receive their fourth weekly task and Peter Owen tells them that they have to pass this week as he needs some pies and quickly.

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