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We talked to Swans director Dave Morgan who provided us with details of their responses to posts made – here is the full questions and answers if you like
ReecoPosted on 10/6 16:02
FAO Mr Flynn, Re Richard Cleverly

Hi All, If the club are going to hold trials to look for some new blood, he may want to invite Clevs in for a months or so or give him a fair crack. I recently saw him play and he hasn’t lost any pace or skill and he would kick his Family all around the pitch for 10p. Clevs can play anywhere in the back 4 or midfield and he has got what we haven’t PACE and he also has a very good attitude and would die for the cause. It’s only a month. Dave Morgan please don’t write back " It’s Down to Brian to pick his team " as I appreciate it that but make the man aware of Clevs and players like him. ATB. Reeco

Dave Morgan: I am not going to start telling Brian what players to watch and sign etc – this is his job and not mine. If you wish to point out the merits of an individual then write to Brian at the club?
lewiePosted on 10/6 16:53
Rambling Thoughts

Please have patience whilst reading this message, I do eventually make some points !! Due to the success and feel good factor with football in Wales at present. eg National team, Cardiff, Wrexham and Swansea’s survival and announcement of the Morfa, along with the demise of Welsh rugby at the present time, do you not feel this is the perfect time to make a hard commercial push with a strong Commercial manager ( not sure if the club has one?) I understand the club is restricted with it’s hospitalty packages, but there’s other way’s of putting the club forward. With the opening of Swansea airport & Swansea – Cork Ferries, these offer Swansea a gateway to Ireland and Europe to a certain extent, just a suggestion, couldn’t the club try and sell merchandise at the port / airport ( Swansea & Cork) Try and forge links with Cork F.C for example – youth players to be exchanged, Club merchandise to be sold in Holiday towns such as Tenby / Saundersfoot / West Wales. People from all over UK holiday in these resorts. A Sales / Marketing tie up with Oakwood ( 1000’s of Irish / UK tourists ) visit every year. Match advertising in local rags in West Wales. which leads me onto kit mfg, no offence to Bergoni, but if you could persuade a brand name supplier eg Nike / Reebok / Puma ( I don;t know how you would go about this) but Kids go mad for designer gear (adults to) I think at present it’s just the most loyal of supporters that buy the kit at present. If you were to have a big name mfg, I would think sales would increase dramatically. Re: Stock in club shop, couldn’t someone get a catalogue from a Premiership club and pass onto Bergoni for ideas ? Can someone take the Black block off the jerseys, and just have Tarvel House in black letters, it would look much better. Re: Match Day Sponsors, please could you give them more space in the programme ie, a bit more info about the companies and what they service/produce.ctc no’s I applaud you for the kids season ticket idea, I also think the main season ticket prices are excellent. I share an office with an Arsenal & Cardiff season ticket holders and their prices have increased between 30 – 38 % ( Arsenal £865.00)they have no qualms at all. Sorry for the long thread, and thank you for being patient.

Dave Morgan: The club is working to a set budget and still in the CVA. Dianne Griffiths is the commercial manager and she is working flat out to sell ground & programme advertising in ready for the start of next season.
Over 1000 letters are soon to be sent out to local businesses to try and get them involved with the club. Unfortunately, we cannot make other businesses get involved with us.
I am not going to discuss various companies that you mention, but we have already secured the involvement for the coming season of various companies who have not been previously involved with the club.
Some people tend to forget that we are a club that averaged 5000 gates last season, not Manchester United. You have to walk before you can run. We don’t want to end up with the same financial problems as with past owners.
We have a very good tie up with Bergoni. New lines are being introduced all the time. We are not a Premiership club with that type of crowd.
Travel house, as club sponsors have the right to have their logo as they want it! They have moved from green to black already.
Match Day sponsors have a full page advert, if they want to pay for it (like some already do)
The kids 12 book season tickets are selling very well. Lots of new adults are also buying season tickets,
JACKFOREVERPosted on 10/6 22:14

The turks in partnership with Carms CC have put up signs showing time and opponents of next home game, alongside every main road into the town. Could a similar idea be used by ourselves and our council along the main routes into Swansea. Any idea why we don’t sell tickets for Wales games in the club shop any more? Do we have an allocation from the FAW? The more people who enter the club shop the more chance of cross selling of merchandise.

Dave Morgan: You have to get planning permission for signs but I will ask the powers that be their thoughts. We have asked the Welsh FA on numerous occasions, they say that most buy via telephone sales so no allocation to the club. We will ask again in person when some of the WFA visit the Vetch at the start of the season.
swansealoyalPosted on 11/6 9:21
Posters again

Sorry to harp on about this David. The posters I saw in Cambridge did look impressive because they were in ordinary windows of ordinary houses in ordinary streets. Sometimes with so much marketing glitz around us from both tv and print its the old fashioned ways that have the best impact. Generally if someone in your street has a poster in the window, most of us are nosey and will look at it. I just think it would be a corking idea to send a poster to all season ticket holders. They (because of her indoors) may not put it in their window but they could then take it to the pub or snooker hall etc.

Dave Morgan: The information in the Evening Post covers 100,000s. A poster is only seen by a small number. I honestly can’t see what good posters will do?
PSumblerPosted on 11/6 22:42
From Gareth Phillips

Once again we are off to Holland for a pre season tournament. Has any thought been given to hosting a similar tournament over here next year. Den Haag would be obvious invitees, and how about collaborating with the council to bring one of the "twin city" teams over – it could surely be linked to the Council’s tourism drive. This would be a little different to the usual fare, and hopefully the council could be persuaded that it would raise the city’s profile in Europe.

Dave Morgan: The council are already aware of the impact that the club has had in Holland (via 2 documentaries) We can look at the idea for future. Our team does prefer to go away rather than stay at home. There are new players at the start of each season so it works as a good bonding exercise.
DUNVANTJACKPosted on 11/6 23:06
Vetch Bars

How about getting the Vetch landlord to drop the beer prices by say 30-40p a pint from 1.30 – 3pm to attract more punters from the local pubs?The prices could return to normal from 3-5pm.Soft drinks could go up by 40p because people really should not be drinking that rubbish.

Herr_DirektorPosted on 12/6 20:27
re: Vetch Bars

agreed jiffy! someone should find out who the licensee actually is, and picket his house until we get cheap/tidy beer!

Dave Morgan: We will be looking at the prices prior to the new season. Surely children drink soft drinks? As I am the licensee of the Vetch Field, you picket my house and the price of cider goes up!
PSumblerPosted on 12/6 15:52
From Gareth Phillips

For what it’s worth SV Waldorf Mannheim have just been relegated from the Second Bundesliga which would suggest that thy are a team with similar problems /status as ourselves. Supplemental question to DM – has there ever been any contact between the clubs, as it might be an interesting/worthwhile

Dave Morgan: There has never been any contact between either club. We already have a tie up with FC Den Haag in Holland and Kortrijk in Belgium. How many tie ups should we have? Cork, Mannheim – what use would it offer Swansea City?
swancjackboyPosted on 14/6 22:11
Dutch video of last day

Is there any chance of the club obtaining copies of the dutch documentery on the last week of the season. Many people on and mates of mine are interested in getting a video of it and Im sure many copies would be sold from the club shop and maybe even in other places like WHSmith

Dave Morgan: This is something that we are looking at at the moment. As you can imagine with a foreign TV company it can cause problems. Any video will be sold only via the club shop to maximise the profit for the club.

If you have a question for your club, then please post it on this Message Board – they will be responded to!


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