My Favourite Match….

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My Favourite Match……

Favourite Match

v Hartlepool 1978 0 my sister’s first match and she got hooked and still watches the Swans. Plus the fact that we scored 8 goals could have something to do with it – Lee Clement, St Thomas

The last league game of 2002/3 – Because we survived relegation into the conference – Ross Mogridge, Bonymaen

Chesterfield Promotion Game 1978 – I was on the old small bank behind the goal when Tosh scored that goal. I will swear that I sucked the ball into the net. After the final whistle, I ran onto the pitch and kissed the pitch and the net and just went bananas basically – Ian James, Clydach

Preston 2004 – We didn’t outplay them over 90 minutes but the way that the goals were scored couldn’t have been scripted. I remember thinking we’d be lucky to hold on here then they scored and I suppose I wasn’t the only one who though our FA Cup dream was over. Then Robbo pops up with a free kick to match any, and I hadn’t even stopped jumping around from that when Trundle coolly (or cockily) chests the ball 6 yards out and places it in the net. Incredible – Broxx, Swansea

Leeds United 1981 – First game of the season in what is now the Premiership. Just remember it being a very hot day, hard to breathe on the North Bank. The crowd was so packed in like sardines. Huge way following from Leeds added to the atmosphere. That final goal from Curtis remains in the memory as long as I live. God, happy days indeed – Andy Renesto, Swansea

Cardiff City, New Year’s Day – Hark now hear the Swans sing when Cardiff run away….. – North Bank was absolutely at it’s best and we won! – Keri, Swindon

Beating Liverpool – obviously! – Scousejack, Manselton (originally!)

Cardiff Home 97-8 – We won 2-1 and had the pleasure of sitting opposite the prison waving to the fans as they left. Never seen such an atmosphere – Richard Stanley, Glynneath

Any game Robbie James played in – no nonsense player who played the game the way it should be played – hard but fair – Charlie Edros, Cardiff

Swansea v Hull 98/9 – first game from the North Bank – Richard Lewis, Swansea

I have four. Leeds (5-1), Liverpool in cup (0-0), Watford (3-3) and Chesterfield promotion game – Curt’s goal right in front of me on NB, seeing my Liverpool heroes, Tosh’s first match and best atmosphere ever – Treboethguy, Swansea

West Ham 1999 – because we beat West Ham 1-0 thanks to a Martin Thomas goal. The atmosphere was amazing, best atmosphere I’ve had down the Vetch – Jamie Williams

When we beat Wrexham on St David’s Day – because it was a very passionate game – Leighton Jones, Swansea

All of them – just being at the Vetch brought out the best in me apart from when they lost and I’d be in a bad mood until they won again – Jade Thomas, Swansea

Swansea v Stoke – it was absolutely p g down and had been for ages. It was a real spectacle not a great game in terms of skill, but just memorable for the effort put in by the players – Nigel, Bristol

Cup run matches when we got to the semi final – Because we all dreamed of Wembley. The thrill of beating Liverpool (at Anfield) and NEARLy doing it at Villa Park v PNE – Ralph, Townhill

2-0 Win v Liverpool – they were the best in Europe and we took em on man for man and deservedly beat em – Watchman, Swindon

Ipswich Town in old Division 1 – had a freebie met all the players from both sides and my mate had hassle off Leighton James and Eric Gates who we were with and told him where to go =- Kelvin, Gowerton

Herbie’s last game – he scored a hat-trick and it was the end of an era – Jeff Evans

Swans 2 Lincoln 2 – it was the only time I have been to the Vetch and we didn’t lose – Nathan Jackson, Lincoln

Swansea v Exeter 2000 – we won promotion in my first season supporting the Swans – Adam Jones, Neath

My first match against QPR in 1965 – It started me off on a life long love affair with the Swans. I’ve seen literally thousands of matches since then, many memorable, many forgettable, but if I hadn’t gone that first time I may never have got the bug – Sharon Goodwin, Sketty

Cardiff, Autoglass – we beat them 4-1 in the Snow and thats the highest score ever between the two clubs – Michael, Gorseinon

West Brom – FA Cup – a 3-2 win after being behind all the game – Simon Inkson, Swansea

1991 FA Cup First Round v Cardiff – we beat them 2-1 and it was the last game I saw jimmy Gilligan play – James Lewis, Swansea

Luton before Preston 1981 – we needed the win to go up but only drew 2-2 but it left us in a position for glory – we never made life easy – Huw Cooze, Swansea

Swans 4 Mansfield 1 – Great passion, sendings off for the opposition and also we seemed to counter attack and score or create chances so often in a short period of time. Amazing game – Owen Carter, Newport

Swansea v Carlisle – The only match I saw live. Beside that i’ve seen a documentary about the relegation battle when you played Hull and that was when my interest grew. – Jurgen, Netherlands

Man City (friendly) early 1970s – Although I was about 17 at the time it was the 1st time I’d seen these brilliant 1st division players playing and they were like gods to me. The Welsh hero was centre forward Wyn Davies,. I could not understand how he could stay so high in the air and for so long – Gerry Duggan. Swansea

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