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Sunday, 2 March 2008, 15:24
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Whilst many had money on the Swans to win the title or even just get promoted few would have been able to predict that we would get to 73 points – one more than last season's total tally – on March 1st with 13 games to go.   But an eighteen game unbeaten run has seen the Swans get just there after collecting 48 points along the way towards that long run that stretches back almost four months.

Roberto himself has now picked up a hugely impressive 97 points from his 45 league games in charge and maybe there is more than just a touch of irony that says he can get a three figure total from an equivalent to his first season against the man who seemed intent on drumming him out of Swansea less than two years ago.

Back then the Swans had just missed out on the agony of a penalty shoot out in the play off final and the club captain was afforded little more than a handshake as he was sent on his way, only to return little more than six months later as an untried and untested managerial appointment but one that certainly nobody can claim now didn't work with some spectacular results.

Even last season the early signs were good as Swansea came from what seemed to be an almost impossible situation to almost sneak into the play offs and who is to say that did we manage to get in that back door twelve months ago that we wouldn't have gone all the way and sealed one of the most unlikely promotions in the clubs history.  But we didn't but boy have we reaped the benefits this season as League One just bows down in our wake as we hold a fourteen point advantage at the top – unbeaten in 18, 10 straight home wins and 12 unbeaten on the road.   Figures that speak for themselves.

And let's not forget that the twelve game unbeaten record on the road has equalled a club record and few would bet against that record going out of the window on our next road trip – Northampton on 15 March.  And next Friday the Swans have the chance to equal another club record – nineteen unbeaten league games which is a record that has stood since 1971 and one that Roberto and his teams will have in their sights when they return from Spain on Wednesday.

Avoiding defeat against Millwall and Tranmere in the space of five days next weekend will see the Swans take that mark to 20 and who is to say that they won't extend it to a level that may never be beaten.  If it has take 96 years to bring it only to that level – setting a new mark will take some beating.

But there are other figures that are well within the Swans reach at the moment.   John Hollins title winning side of 2000 managed 85 points in their season of triumph – Roberto's side are within 12 points of that mark with 13 games to go – surely that record will be taken with some ease.

Another title winning side – the 1949 team managed 27 wins in a season – we are already on 22 and have 13 games to play to get the six needed to go past that record.    One that may prove to be a challenge for the Swans is the most goals in a season – we got 92 in the 76/77 season but have 61 this season – 32 goals in 13 games is possible but may just prove to be out of our reach.

In addition to all of that we have the opportunity to be the next side to notch 100 points in a football league season.   This mark has only been passed 8 times in football league history with Reading holding the overall record of 106 points – a figure they achieved two seasons ago on their way to the Premiership.  With 112 points still our maximum total there is a chance of pushing close to that record and definitely in our grasp is the record for this division – currently held by Fulham with 101 points.

Most Points in a season

106 – Reading 2005/6 Championship
105 – Sunderland – 1998/9 Division 1
102 – Plymouth – 2001/2 Division 3
102 – Swindon – 1985/6 Division 4
101 – York – 1983/4 Division 4
101 – Fulham – 1998/9 Division 2
101 – Fulham – 2000/1 Division 1
100 – Wigan – 2002/3 Division 2

And finally if you fancy a real outsider the football league record for wins in a season is 33 – managed by Docaster in 1946/47 – maybe that one will prove to be beyond us but at the moment it is possible. Whatever happens from here on in it has been a great season and when we finally secure the promotion it will be a huge celebration that will go on for some time.  And who is to say that next season we won't set out to try and beat all the records we set this time around……!!!

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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