It’s Not Jason’s Fault He Isn’t Trundle

Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 7:39
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Almost as soon as Scotland arrived at the Liberty last summer, Trundle was on his way to Bristol City in a million pound move after four successive seasons at the top of the scoring charts.  Idolised by so many from the moment he came here, Trundle was a clear favourite with the crowd and, in many eyes, could do no wrong.   His showboating skills propelled the Swans to a near weekly appearance on Sky's Soccer AM whilst 20 goals a season for each of those four seasons says it's own story.

Scotland already has 28 to his name this season – more than Trundle managed – and is well on course to score 30 in a season – a rare feat at Swansea City.  Indeed it is possible that he could overtake Cyril Pearce's 77 year club record of 35 goals in a season such is his rich vein of form at the moment.   But still that is not enough to win all of the fans over.   There aren't the showboating skills of Trundle or the level of moments of brilliance but the statistics speak for themselves in his goal tally.

Only last week his agent said that to get the best out of Jason he needed the support of the fans and Roberto believes that he will get that – once people realise he isn't the new Lee Trundle, he is just Jason Scotland – goalscorer.

Speaking in today's paper, Martinez said “Perhaps they haven’t sung his name because he’s trying to fill someone’s boots who, let’s be realistic about this, is someone the fans regarded as a legend here

“We all know whose boots he had to fill and that’s nearly an impossible job.

“So the fans have taken a little bit longer than it would with another player to make their final judgment.

“But I always speak with the fans and they have always got great things to say about Jason.

“It’s just a matter of time before he gets the recognition he deserves.

“I can understand what his agent says, that when Jason feels loved he performs better,” said Martinez.

“But I’m sure the fans have always appreciated him, even though they are not always vocal about it.

“What we’ve always said is how important Jason is for Swansea City and how special a player he is.

“You don’t get many players like him in League One and we don’t see him coming here to replace anyone. He’s here to enjoy his football, give everything to Swansea City and make sure the club gets to a different level.

“Our players don’t rely on the physical side of the game, so someone like Jason can do well in the Championship,” said the Spaniard, who could be without groin victim Ferrie Bodde for the next fortnight.

“We need to make sure that he keeps getting the service because if he keeps getting that kind of supply on the pitch he will finish and kill everything off. There’s a lot more to come from him but the fans need to see him as Jason Scotland, another fantastic player for Swansea City, and not filling someone else’s boots.

“We had to go through hell to get him into the squad, what with the work permit and dealing with St Johnstone, so I always knew what a good player he is,” said Martinez. “But 30 goals is a lot at any level.

“Jason said on the quiet in August that was his target and, yes, you know it’s a real tall order.

“Yet we knew what he could bring and everyone now realises how important Jason has been to us this season and what a clinical finisher he is.

“He has worked really hard since he arrived and we don’t really need to judge him when he has scored the amount of goals he has.

“But the good thing for us is that I’m sure we will see the best of him during the last seven games.

“He is not a player who is losing strength at this stage of the season.

“He is getting stronger and better all the time.

“I think that when the fans get rightly behind him then he’ll pay everyone back, I’ve no doubt about that.”

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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