10 Day Deadline For Robinson Signature

Tuesday, 13 May 2008, 10:34
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The Swans have been reported as tabling the best deal in the club's history in an attempt to keep Robinson at the club he joined back in 2003.   Since that time he has become a very regular feature in the starting line up and grabbed some very important goals along the way – including the last one ever scored at the Vetch Field against Wrexham.

But as he stalls over the signing of a new deal, Roberto gave the first indication today that time is running out for the decision and placed a deadline on the deal being signed.

Speaking in tonight's Evening Post, Roberto – newly crowned as manager of the year – said "I see it very clearly

"Andy Robinson has improved massively in the last 10 months from a tactical point of view, the way we play really suits him and we have got a new challenge for him next season.

"For me it's a no-brainer – he should stay at Swansea City for many years to come.

"Obviously, the problem is that you get many other people involved in these deals and that makes it a bit harder.

"I don't see this as a negative situation. It's normal in football and we respect Andy because of what he has done for this club.

"That's why we're prepared to give him another 10 days, but then we need to find a solution.

"It should be 10 days' maximum because that's the only fair way for both parties.

"Andy is a great character for Swansea City and he has tremendous talent," he added.

"He came on trial when we were in League Two and for him to play a massive role for us in the Championship would be a fantastic story.

"I just hope that the football side of things is more important than anything Andy is offered or showed (elsewhere).

"If he was to leave, I don't think he would be loved like Swansea City love him. I don't think anyone can improve him the way we can or give him the important role we will."

"I've spoken to many managers and no-one has mentioned anything to me," he said.

"I would be very surprised, though, if there aren't other clubs interested.

"That's reality, but that doesn't mean they know Robbo like we do and know how to get the best out of him."

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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