“We can only do what we can afford to do”

Thursday, 18 December 2008, 9:53
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Under Roberto Martinez, Swansea City have assembled a top half Championship squad on what almost appears to be a shoestring budget compared to some other clubs.

And the club’s Chairman is warning that this will not change in January as the club are on a different financial footing especially to those that have dropped out of the Premiership.

The Swans have built a solid foundation based on quality players without the need to spend big money that could potentially gamble the very future of the club.

Players have come in for minimal – if any – transfer fees and wages around £20,000 per week are unheard of in Swansea although commonplace elsewhere in the division.

But Jenkins says that the Swans have no plans to change this mentality as he told the Western Mail “I think I am right in saying there are six teams each receiving over £10m to cover any losses or shortfall they might have developed since relegation form the Premier League

“That’s the challenge we have to face in the Championship and the big financial difference we must overcome.

“We’ve always said we can only do what we can afford to do.

“But, because of the way we run the club so tightly financially off the field, it does enable us to do more on the field than perhaps other football clubs that have a similar income to us.

“For one, the way we as a board of directors don’t take expenses and that in turn allows Roberto, or whoever the manager is, that little bit more room for manoeuvre than our income as a club would normally permit.

“That’s the path we’ve decided to take for a while and we’re happy to do that to help us compete.

“In terms of January, I would expect Roberto to bring in one or two in positions he would like to strengthen – but only if the right players become available at the right price”

Jenkins also revealed that the club does not work within a specified budget in terms of transfers: “We analyse and assess each signing on their own merits. Plus I think the days of giving budgets in football should be a long time gone.

“It seems some managers will be given everything that’s available in order for them to bring in what they want and then, when that manager goes, all of a sudden another budget has to appear from nowhere to put it right.

“We work differently to that, going from signing to signing, contract to contract and looking at each one on an individual basis.

“It has worked well for us before and we will continue to do so. I like to think it’s more of a common sense approach than anything else and something that’s done in the best interests of the club.”

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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