Swans And Cardiff Set To Leave Welsh FA?

Tuesday, 11 May 2010, 5:33
1 min read

Swansea City and Cardiff City are currently both under the control of the Welsh FA which means that any disciplinary hearings involving those two clubs will be heard by those in Wales rather than those in England.

Both clubs have stated in the past that they may look to switch their 'reporting' to the English FA but have got nowhere in those talks.

But now the Guardian are reporting the following "The Football Association, Premier League, Football League and Welsh clubs are involved in talks aimed at standardising the disciplinary processes in the English leagues.

"The years-old negotiation, which has grown in urgency with Cardiff City's chances of promotion to the Premier League this season, would see the Football Association of Wales stripped of its disciplinary oversight of Cardiff and Swansea City in favour of the English FA. "

The FAW is expected to resist but may be powerless to do so if FA regulation becomes a condition of participation in English leagues."

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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