The mystery continues as striker plays for Ukraine

Tuesday, 2 April 2024, 7:30
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Last summer’s transfer business looks worse as every game passes with the omission of one of the big money signings Mykola Kuharevich even more baffling with Luke Williams’ preference for crossing into the box.

We were told at the Fans Forum held before the Cardiff City game that the 6 foot 4 Ukrainian was injured and that is why he hasn’t featured; indeed he has played just 27 minutes in 2024 against Ipswich Town as a substitute.

But the injury is no longer an issue or so it seems for the Ukrainian U23 team which played against Japan on the 25th March. The side lost 2-0 with Kuharevich starting and lasting until the 70th minute when he was substituted.

This season we’ve been led to believe that he has suffered from a host of injuries with little to no gametime in between. Williams was quoted as saying his most recent injury was a foot complaint but he was back on the grass prior to the Cardiff game.

Watch as Williams talks (somewhat sketchy) about Kuharevich’s injury

So despite playing for his country’s under age side in the international break we still see no sight of the player on the bench or on the pitch for Swansea City despite it being painfully obvious that we are short of decent options up front.

More to the point the question of “is he now fit” has been avoided in the last two press conferences and of course Williams hasn’t raised the subject.

This is another nail in the coffin for the summer transfer window which saw the club shell out (reportedly) around £2m for the already injury hit player.

It can only be assumed that the signing was based off a reasonable- albeit short – run of form at SPL side Hibernian last season where Kuharevich netted 5 in 15 outings. This data led system really is the joy that keeps on giving.

It really isn’t acceptable that our club is happy to fob off its fans and not explain the real situation when a striker bought for big money (the Joel Piroe replacement) has seen just 135 minutes of league action and is continually ignored.

If it’s a training issue, call it out. If it is work rate, lack of commitment then call it out. If he simply isn’t good enough on the training pitch, well neither was Carlos Tevez. You never know until you try…

We have nothing to lose for the rest of this season. It’s been a horrible one to be brutally honest but giving players like Kuharevich a chance may just save another signing in the summer.

Let’s get Abdulai involved, Govea a few starts, Lissah too. It can’t be worse than much of the dirge we’ve been served this season.

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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Roger Freestone

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4m spunked on him and Yates.

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North Banker

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I agree with you.

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Alan Waddle

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No mystery, they obviously don't fancy playing him.

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Lee Trundle

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But why? He obviously isn't completely useless as seen by scoring at Millwall in one of his few appearances. We now cross the ball into the box at every possible opportunity but do not have strikers with enough presence / physicality to be affective on crosses. The one guy who you'd think would thrive off the crosses is however completely ignored....

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Roger Freestone

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The biggest mystery for me is the absolute donkey that is Eddie Yates gets in ahead of him, how can this be...

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Alan Waddle

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Must have the same dirt on the club that Fulton has 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Ivor Allchurch

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We have a plan A, which is with Joe Allen, and it seems to work quite well when he's on the pitch. We have a plan B which is with Fulton instead of Allen either because Joe is either injured or is being subbed, it doesn't work yet we still use it over and over again. Everything points to us needing a plan C and the only thing we haven't tried is using 2 speedy wingers with a big target man and someone playing off him and we have the players to do that. It may or may not work but surely it's worth trying instead of flogging a dead horse by persisting with something that every single person who attends Swans games can see isn't working and knows it isn't going to work. If we didn't have the players needed for that system, then we'd be stuck in a dead end but now we have the wingers, a target man and a poacher or 2, we do have the players and it's Luke's job to get the most out of the squad we've got and these calls will continue until it's at least been tried.

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Roger Freestone

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Basically half our team is decent for Championship level and the other half are shyt, in a nutshell...

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Rob Davies

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