Williams: “I feel like I am saying the same thing every week”

Tuesday, 2 April 2024, 8:50
2 mins read

Luke Williams admitted he felt like he was saying the same thing every week after the Swans succumbed to another set piece goal and put in another sub standard performance in a defeat to QPR that keeps the relegation fear alive although a seven point cushion with six games to go should prove to be enough.

It was another afternoon where the Swans dominated possession but with so much of it playing around the backline there were very few real threats on the visitors goal with goalkeeper Asmir Begovic commanding in his area despite a barrage of crosses, most of which were placed into an area that made it easy for him.

Unfortunately for Williams this kind of performance seems to be the norm from a squad that plays football often at a walking pace and certainly not with the pace and intensity that the Swans boss talks about wanting to play with.   That in itself tells you about the summer challenges ahead where the need to strengthen the squad in many areas is evident and needs to be several levels higher than the recruitment that we saw last summer.

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But back to the QPR game, the frustration of Williams was clear to see both during the game and to listen to it afterwards as he said “It’s very annoying. I think we started the game in the wrong way, it took us a while to wake up.

“Their main threat came from counter-attacks, we concede the corner from a counter-attack and then we concede from the corner.

“I feel like I am saying the same thing every week, we have struck the woodwork twice, we had plenty of actions into the box, but we could not land the right connection to hit the back of the net.

“It would be one thing to say we are not creating anything, but we are creating. We just need to score. We know what we have to do to improve.

“We created, I think, three big chances that we need to take and then the game can go in a different direction.

“I know we have a good group who will not give up and will continue to be brave. We will watch it back, understand what we need to do better and what we need to do to get there.

“But it’s frustrating for 19,000 people here, and we have to do a bit better, to show them more for them to come back.”

The problems here is that we do not seem to be learning from these mistakes.   We cannot simply go through periods where we say the same things week in week out and the performances on the pitch do not come anywhere near the standards that the staff tell us they want to achieve.  Quite simply until we do learn from those mistakes we will always look over our shoulder at any gap to the bottom – is that really the level of our ambition?

That performance and win against Cardiff is a distant memory and achieved only to paper over the cracks it seems.

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Alan Waddle

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Then f**kin sort it. You're your own worst enemy when you keep picking Yates

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Alan Curtis

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Quite so. If you pick a striker who couldn't score in a brothel with a fist full of £50 notes, you're kind of hamstringing yourself and the team. Why can't you see what we all can?

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Avatar of sainthelens

Roger Freestone

5,033 messages 203 likes

He's saying the same thing every week?? Doesn't read the forums then obviously.

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Avatar of Swanjaxs

Roger Freestone

11,353 messages 486 likes

Perhaps the players are taking no notice of him then...

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What’s worse is, he’s saying the same things Russell Martin used to say every week.

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Niigata Jack

Roger Freestone

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That doesn't bode well, he keeps picking Yates and Fulton and he doesn't seem to realise that ain't working, one nil yesterday and Friday come to that and Grimes Fulton are playing the ball back and forth to each other and back to either of the centre half's and even Rushworth, team lacks desire and commitment.

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Alan Waddle

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Fulton has always been an excellent trainer. Suspect Yates is the same. Some managers care more about the weekday performances than the Saturday afternoon. Dan James wouldn't have had a look-in with some of our recent managers.

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Dillwyn the Dog

First Team Player

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You can rightly give Fulton pellets but you mentioned the real problem at this club and who is the elephant in the room- it’s Grimes.

He single-handedly slows play down and watching the two CB’s , Fulton and Grimes knock it around between themselves while Ronald is dying of cold on the wing tells us that his time should be up here. I don’t care if all managers over the last 5 years have picked him - perhaps he’s the most obedient to them and a kiss *rse.

Dump Cabango, sell Wood and try to get in a pair of Dutch CB’s to compete with Darling , we’re ok for full backs, DCM get rid of both and go to the continent for something more skilful and cheaper than the lower league dross we always end up with. Keep Miko and Cullen but get Piroe back on loan from Leeds when they go up. Wingers we are well stocked with.

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Roger Freestone

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Is that true Jasp? That's barking mad.

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Alan Waddle

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That can't be true. Who in their right mind picks a team week in week that fails to perform on a match day yet runs and runs like a headless chicken in training.

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Phil Sumbler

Been watching the Swans since the very late 1970s and running the Planet Swans website (in all its current and previous guises since the summer of 2001 As it stood JackArmy.net was right at the forefront of some of the activity against Tony Petty back in 2001, breaking many of the stories of the day as fans stood against the actions where the local media failed. Was involved with the Swans Supporters Trust from 2005, for the large part as Chairman before standing down in the summer of 2020.


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