Swansea v Preston North End – Player Ratings

Why not take a minute or two to rate the players performances from this afternoon’s game against Preston – who was your man of the match?

[statsfc-player-rater key=”Q6j66KJJG0MLIJoeqVDWmiH3Z6d7Cun_sI4_E7Le” team=”Swansea” date=”2021-04-05″ timezone=”Europe/London” default_css=”true” omit_errors=”true”]


  1. Nothing short of dreadful and of great concern over recent games esp with next season in mind esp considering the players we know won’t be with us.

  2. In early February this team beat Norwich. Earlier they beat Watford. In the last few weeks they have made sides like Birmingham and Preston look good. They haven’t been able to match very mediocre teams and were very lucky to mug off teams like Stoke and Middlesbrough. They don’t move off the ball, they seem to have lost confidence to play football, lumping hopeless long balls. Ok the manager hasn’t rotated much so perhaps they are tired. And other teams have sussed that we attack exclusively via the wing backs and have closed them down. Even so the falling off is dramatic. Cooper should tell them to forget promotion and just play some football. Free their minds to push and run. This team would be humiliated in the Premier League anyway

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