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Sunday, 3 December 2000, 0:01
4 mins read

Is it not enough to have Kate Howey, so called Sports Minister talking utter garbage most of the time, we now have Jack Straw too ! The mind boggles with their incompetent ramblings, it makes you think who they are sitting next to at Twickenham these days ?

He said ” If we have a British side WE will have Ryan Giggs ” Erm, excuse me Mr Straw, WE already have Ryan Giggs, do we not ? The man knows not of what he speaks, like many suited getlemen with hidden agenda’s I could speak about, he too is at the very bottom of the ladder when it comes to ill thought out sentiment. Ask yourself this. How many times do England venture from the safe confines of London to play ? And with that on board, how many times do you think a national side would venture to Wales, Scotland or Ireland to do the same ?

Only to play the likes of Lithuania or the USA I should think, and who wants to watch an England dominated side do that ? Because that’s what we would have to endure, an England dominated national side. The idea sounds even stupider by the minute. Grow up Straw, and sort out your own mistakes closer to home. Nuff said. With that mad man out of the way may I turn to Mr Mcclure ? Now, not four weeks ago he said ” Enough is enough ” He stated that we would not have our youth policy plundered by Premiership sides, did he not ?

This after the departure of Matthew Crowell to Southampton for an initial one hundred thousand pounds, or was it ninety thousand pounds ? This week we see Richard Jones depart the same way for two hundred and fifty thousand pounds. Both these boys could earn Swansea over a million pounds more in the future if the deals are fulfilled. Yes, I agree, good business, but why say one thing one week and do the opposite the next Mr Mcclure ? Dear oh dear, he makes me laugh, he really has us down as real suckers, he is an insult to my and many others intelligence with his newspaper rhetoric. Does he really have us down as boneheads ?

That’s my point, not the transfers but the damned ridiclious way he treats us Swansea fans. And then I had to pick myself up off the floor after listening to Mike Lewis on Wyn Evans Swansea Sound ” Swansea till I die ” show. Mike is a real charmer, great stuff Mike, a real grin, but did you have your tongue in your cheek too ? What makes me laugh is the way he tried to justify his wages, his house, his car, and all the other perks he gets as Swansea City head boy.

Is he the highest paid man in the second division for what he does ? It seems to be an issue with him, trying to justify it. Not one person would turn down his remuneration package, it’s just that there are others out there who can do it better. And have more friends doing so. I’ve given up with the pair of them to be honest, they refuse to apologise for banning children and families from the MAGS Stoke City sponsored game in October, which has alienated them like never before.

Why ban kids when all that was said was ” Hard questions should be asked of the club ” Childish, pathetic, arrogant, ill thought out and unjustified. And no apology. What do we have running the ship at The Vetch Field ? And I will keep on until Mike Lewis and Neil Mcclure answer the question straight.

No political slant and personal grudges, no rubbish and hypocrisy, just the truth. Ah ! That’s the problem. Should have realised shouldn’t I ? But soon ……. Do you watch the BBC ? Now I have finished having yet another pop, on to more interesting people. Roger Freestone. His testimonial year starts in July 2001, that is in fact his eleventh year at the club, and his testimonial is well earned.

I was pleased to hear from him when he signed his new contract. Great news for a great Swansea servant. What a shame though he had to wait so long for the contract ? Hopefully we won’t have to wait until the eleventh hour for Steve Jones to be offered a contract too eh ? He is by far the best defender in the division, and he has a queue of clubs waiting for his signature.

We should move fast to secure him for at least two more, well paid years. I know that the club thinks he can’t go anywhere else because of his serious injury of 1997, yes that’s a fact, but that is rubbish, guaranteed we will lose the most effective defender for many years if we don’t move fast. John Hollins has paid tribute to him recently, hopefully he will realise what Steve offers to the side and fight his corner. After all Neil Mcclure has three hundred and fifty thousand pounds banked in the past few weeks for youth team players, or was it three hundred and fifteen thousand pounds ?

Because there are a lot of incidentals involved in these deals, are there not ? Who can say ? But he has recouped good money for players that cost him little or nothing at all, lets see it ploughed back in to the John Hollins video vault, and to the better of Swansea City FC – On the pitch.

That’s it, I am, as we speak consulting with Ian Hislop’s lawyers ( ! ) And look forward to meeting as many of you as is possible on Wednesday December 13th at Waterstones in Oxford Street, Swansea for the official ” Vetch Field Voices ” launch party at 6.30 pm. There will be a number of special guests there for the signing, which is I am told Swansea’s busiest shopping evening of the year. Yes, in the flesh folks, and not behind a computer. Should be interesting ……. A free CD with every purchase, and free refreshments too !

I personally extend an invite to Neil Mcclure and Mike lewis to come along, after all, it wouldn’t be a party without them. And finally, just a reminder the brilliant JACKPLUG magazine is out on December 26th for the home game against Brentford. That’s issue 3, not bad as the club commented recently that it wouldn’t make issue 4 !

Nothing like a challenge, talking of which – See you on the 13th.

Stay loud and proud. Keith Haynes.

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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