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Thursday, 7 December 2000, 0:01
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An AGM at any company is a time for justification, a time for revelation and assurity at all levels. Mr Wicks, the Ninth Floor head man appointed by Mcclure to take such flak may just be wondering where it will all end ?

Both have a steamy Friday ahead. But why ? Let me give you some scenario’s. Lets say that Miller Devlopmemnts ( the Morfa developers ) had indicated that the ground move to The Morfa was an impossible task ? That it was a non starter because the units for sale at the site were difficult to sell, and investment could not be found at any real level ?

After three years of Ninth Floor and Silver Shield banter about the ground move to their share holdres it would come as quite a shock would it not ? Effectively, Miller would be pulling out of the deal, or asking at the very least serious questions about the viability of the whole thing.

But of course that is not about to happen is it ? But lets look a bit deeper. Say that Keith Harris ( Football League man ) and once side kick of Neil Mcclure found out that all is not right with the way that the club is being run and the ground move. Say he had, I don’t know, 3 % of 49,000,000 Ninth Floor shares, a considerable holding, and saw all the ground falling away from beneath Neil Mcclure. He would have something to say wouldn’t he ?

Now Keith Harris was a main investor at Swansea City FC when it all got started with Mcclure in 1997, he actually stated ” I will not rest until this ground move is made ” So he clearly has an interst in Swansea City. Of course, due to his Football League involvement he can no longer be active in these circles, a conflict of interest I think it’s called, but he would be very unhappy if the developers made it known that The Morfa was in difficulty, because he is on record as making the statement above.

But what do I know, I am merely a Swansea City supporter with an interest in my clubs activities, and some are very revealing indeed. I am interested in Matthew Gunter Bushell’s PR for the club, and what he actually gets paid and by whom ?

I am interested in Mike Lewis’s salary, why it is so high and what can be effectively done for the same money by others. I am also interested in payments made by Swansea City FC to companies over the past three years for consultation in to The Morfa development, and why those companies in particular were chosen, by whom and why ?

The reason being of course that many of these incidental costs could be given to John Hollins for on the pitch matters, we are after all third bottom in a league that in the words of Steve Hamer ” We must never be relegated from ” The problems we would face as a result of relegation as a club would be disastrous. So of course, I am interested in what seems to be mega amounts of cash being spent that could have gone to John Hollins. I mean, does Neil Mcclure bill the club for visiting Swansea ?

Talking of whom, what a heart felt plea he made to Swansea City fans in the Matchday programme of December 2nd v Bristol Rovers. Did you buy it ? Did you want to pick up a pen and write to Swansea Council about The Morfa ? Or did it read as a desperate last ditch attempt to salvage the torn shreds that are the Morfa ground plans.

A desperate measure ? Bearing in mind my scenario. Moving on from this we still have not resolved the ground move, and if my scenario is right, then it seems it is as far away as ever. This would leave Neil Mcclure in a tricky state. The ” issue ” for him would be very Clash like. ” Should I stay or should I go ” If he did Mr Harris would worry that a very old Football League club could vanish, but of course maybe he is not aware of all the ” issues ” that are going on with others who are just waiting for Neil Mcclure to up sticks and leave.

This recent scenario I gave you with the developers would force Neil Mcclure to make a decision. And that is good, he will either close the door, in which case it would then be opened by others and Swansea City would remain a football club or he gets himself along to the negotiaiting table pretty quickly and sits down with those with the club at heart.

Can you imagine the problems here if we were on the Stock Exchange ? Frightening. But luckily, we will not be floated by Ninth Floor, Neil Mcclure, Seymour Pierce, or anyone else currently connected to Swansea City FC. Because that is not a good move, even for them. What with all these scenario’s about, who can blame them ?

All I can say is this. I agree with Neil Mcclure, I too wish he never ever came to Swansea, and agree whole heartedly that it seems his time is up. The clock always ticks, and time moves on for those that don’t belong.

But as I said – What do I know ?

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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