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Thursday, 29 March 2001, 0:00
1 min read has learned that money was made available to the man it is alleged has contacts within football to bring in some loan signings before deadline day last week. And our man, using this opportunity to have one last fling at staving off relegation to do nothing. Well, I guess he may have gone shopping with Mrs Hollins but footballer’s were not on his list.

We should probably not be surprised by this considering that the man has been here close on 3 years and has NEVER signed a player with football league experience. The last man to walk into the Vetch fitting that criteria was co-incidentally the only transfer activity around the Vetch last week in Martin Thomas. Frightening isn’t it?

John Hollins opened the cheque book once in that period, paying slightly over £20,000 for Tommy Mutton who we let go for nothing so his activity in buying people for cash is a net loss to the club. Walter Boyd is allegedly not being played because our beloved owners can’t afford his appearance money. Andrew Mumford is out on loan in the League of Wales. David Romo or Verschave cannot command a guaranteed first team spot and Fabiano, possibly the best of our last foray into the loan market has been injured more than he hasn’t.

Giovanni Savarese is by far the best Hollins has bought in and he allegedly tracked him for months by video. He is class and without him I have to say we would be down by now.

But that is history and if our source is right then it beggars belief. Bringing someone new in would be like the last throw of the relegation haunted dice. It may have worked but more likely it wouldn’t have had any effect at all. But at least he could have said ‘I tried’

Sorry John, but again it is not good enough and you caanot blame people for having a pop at you for that. We are not Leighton James and will not say ‘has we had luck we would not be in this position’ Sometimes, you make your own luck – you have to be judged by your decisions, which yet again in our eyes, have been well wide of the mark.

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