Lewis In Swans Sell-Out

Friday, 13 July 2001, 0:00
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Having negotiated a deal with Ninth Floor owner, Neil Mcclure to take control at the club he quickly set about talking to a group of businessmen in Swansea and London who have been in touch with him in recent weeks. An early indicator that the sale was not all it seemed came yesterday morning when he failed to announce a new Chairman at The Vetch Filed, in fact he will make no comments at all until Monday at the earliest. Sources close to Lewis are talking of a consortium of business people, and rumours are that Steve Hamer is close to returning to the club. Jackarmy.net are staying away from speculation and treating the news that the sale will go ahead as true, however just who it is will remain to be seen. Lewis, never one to lose sight of his own personal goals in this type of business will no doubt secure a financial package for himself as a part of this deal, and retain a seat on the Swansea City board. Aware that he would have to sell either or both Roger Freestone and Stuart Roberts immediately to cover part of an eight hundred thousand pound debt, a move which the former would see him lose even more faith with Swans fans means he has to move quickly.
He was involved in a failed attempt to buy the club three weeks ago, but this was due to guarantee’s of finance for the immediate future of Swansea City AFC. Any PLC sale needs guarantee’s, and at the time Lewis could offer nothing more than a re-mortgage of his Swansea based flat, newly purchased during his short but lucrative reign at the club. The burning question now is – What has changed since the last deal fell through ? It is a fact that without support from the outside he would have not been able to purchase the club this week, albeit for only one pound, it does mean he has taken on a massive debt at the club. Something the ex Newport County man would not have done had he not had another option up his sleeve. It is clear fact that he has not done this deal out of a love for Swansea City. Since then he has risen from the depths of sub editor of Fulham’s matchday programme, to Managing Director of Swansea City AFC.
It is right to speculate that Steve Hamer still has a big interest at the club, but he too has neither the financial muscle or influence to go it alone. Neil Mcclure would not have done any business with Hamer after a less than amicable split last year over what was described as ” a questionable stock exchange float of the club ” But this way he has a path back to The Vetch Field. Again it should not be lost on Swans fans that both Hamer and Lewis are not exactly seeing eye to eye either over Hamer’s departure, something Hamer blames Lewis for to some extent.
Questions Swans fans should now be asking are.

1. Will we retain our best goalkeeper ?

2. Just what was Neil Mcclure planning to do with Swansea City regards the clubs flotation ?

3. Is the future of the clubs manager safe, and if not when can we celebrate his departure ?

Lewis won’t answer any media questions at all, but the sources we have in Swansea, Oxford and in Reading tell us that he is busying himself ready to retire away from the spotlight and pressures of The Vetch Field. If that’s true, then maybe we can all hold a double celebration in the very near future. It may be bleak at the moment, but there is a rosy tint on the horizon for Swansea City fans everywhere.

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