Secret Diary – 16 -22 Jul

Monday, 23 July 2001, 0:00
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Monday July 16

Now that that nice man Mr Lewis is in charge I can now start spending the budgets that he has given me. Myself and Alan headed off to homebase to buy some nice paint for my office. Alan was very keen on the off-pink colour but I decided on ‘mint white’ which has a slight tinge of green in it. Managed to persuade Mr Appleby to paint the room for me as there is sod all chance of him playing football whilst I am here.

Tuesday July 17

Nipped to PC world in the morning to buy a copy of AutoRoute to see where Aberystwyth is. Realised it was on the coast of Wales so bought a bucket and spade as well to make sure we have a good time. I am working on my selection for tomorrow, I think I may go for the black sweatshirt with the red trousers but I shall ask Mrs Hollins when I get in.

Wednesday July 18

My first piece for the club’s new web. I spent quite a while looking for the spider but it seems to have gone. I am sure that I will get the hang of this internet lark sooner or later, I just hope that I don’t turn into one of those whinger people that I have read so much about. We played Aberystwyth in the evening and two players I had never seen before scored in a 3-0 win, I may sign them quick must have a look for that nice Mr Parka.

Thursday July 19

That nice Mr Owen chap keeps asking me questions for Swansea City net. He doesn’t look like the fishing type but I guess you can never tell. Alan says we should be making decisions about the trialists but as I said to him ‘You know Dan Sullivan didn’t shoot Phil Mitchell’

Friday July 20

That young chap Stuart was back today says he’s been in Rotherham for a couple of weeks. I remember where Rotherham was, we won that silver cup thing there. I told him that pre-season training had started and fined him two weeks wages for being late. He says he wants to go back next week, I may let him go as I can fine him again for being late – Mr Lewis says we should be saving money.

Saturday July 21

Mr Lewis says that Stuart can’t go back to Rotherham as he wants More from them. I am worried now as that man Moore is a manager and that is my job. I decided to take the team to Carmarthen and we drew the game 1-1 which is good because we are still unbeaten in pre-season, providing you forget about the Barry game. I think we can still go the whole of pre-season unbeaten.

Sunday July 22

Signed an Argentinian called Kimberley from AC Mezzina which I presume is similar to AC Milan. He said he doesn’t need a permit but I told him he’d better get one in case the traffic warden gives him a ticket. Took the afternoon off to go shopping with Mrs Hollins – we bought some shoes for her and a new jumper for me. Mr McIntosh says they will fit us both very well – what would I do without him?

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