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Thursday, 16 August 2001, 0:00
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Sadly Thomas could not agree terms with Swansea who he stated offered him a ” Pitiful ” contract, so he played a small part in the promotion campaign at Brighton. At the end of the season he moved on to Oxford United and U’s manager, Mark Wright has since made him club captain. It goes without saying that Thomas has earned this right through endeavor and courage, qualities that some managers like. JACKARMY.NET caught up with Thommo on Wednesday afternoon a few days prior to his return to The Vetch Field.
JA.NET : So, Martin are you looking forward to your Vetch Field return ?
MT : Yeah, I am as it happens, it’s obviously the first fixture I looked for when they came out, and although it’s early on in the season it’s an opportunity to get to see some of the lads too.
JA.NET : You obviously have some mates still at the club ?
MT : Of course, and it’s going to be good to see them again, but it will be odd playing against them.
JA.NET : I am sure the feeling will soon go when you get out there ?
MT : Hopefully, the first thing I want to say though is that I didn’ t want to leave Swansea, but I think everyone knows that, but now I have and have been made club captain I will do my best for Oxford and to get them the points. I am a professional, sorry mate.
JA.NET : No problems Martin, you can score as many goals as you like, as long as Swansea score one more.
MT : Now what made me know you were going to say that ?
JA.NET : Jack intuition, you obviously have some good still in you !
MT : We will have to see if you are still talking to me after Saturday.
JA.NET : Any special celebratory plans if you knock one in, I’ve heard a rumour or two ?
MT : No, No, well, not really, we will have to see how it goes, the spur of the moment does funny things to you.
JA.NET : You are playing at a new ground, whats that like ?
MT : It’s great for us as players, but we let people down last Saturday at the new ground, and we have to put it right. It’s not right that we let the fans down, it makes you feel bad as they are a noisy bunch at Oxford, and it has a great feeling there as a club. So as I said, we will be aiming to put it right on Saturday.
JA.NET : Have you settled in the area ?
MT : Yeah, well, it’s still new for me, I was at Swansea for a long time and loved it, but of course there are friends and that in Swansea, so I’ve been down there quite a lot too.
JA.NET : You could all pop in the Builders for a pint before the game, bring the team in too, Ive heard there’s a rousing welcome in some of the other pubs too too, I reckon they would be chucking beer at you ( laughs )
MT : Nah mate, but thanks for the offer ( laughs ) I’m wondering what sort of reception I will get though, that’s going to be hard to take if it’s all booing and stuff.
JA.NET : Your obviously going to get some stick, probably more like banter, but knowing the Swans support they will also applaud you. They recognise a one hundred percenter in Swansea, they are no mugs, they know a good un’ and they know a wrong un’ in Swansea.
MT : I hope so, but we will see, football has a way of kicking you hard sometimes.
JA.NET : Some folk have Oxford down as good bets for promotion, what’s your feeling ?
MT : Well, we had a good pre season, some good work outs, and the boss has got some good lads in, it would be disappointing not to make some mark on the league, there’s plenty of support for the club in the area, so we have to do our bit too. Of course, promotion is the main goal.
JA.NET : Cheers Martin, I think most of us hope you have a good game on Saturday, but I can’t wish your team luck, you understand that I’m sure, but again thanks for your efforts in the white shirt, some of us appreciated it.
MT : Yeah cheers, and thanks to the Swansea support for the time I had at the club, they were great. But things move on, like everything, I am an Oxford player now and I am sure you too realise that I wish you all at Swansea the best, well, after Saturday.

Swansea City v Oxford United Kick off 3 pm Saturday August 18th 2001 The Vetch Field

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