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Friday, 7 September 2001, 0:00
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Available November 2000

Giovanni Savarese

Matthew Bound

Steve Jones

The Road To Hell

GM: Who takes the training sessions?

MB: John, being the manager, has other things to do back at the ground sometimes, in which case Curt takes the whole session, but basically they both do it. They do about the same amount as each other really. Just those two train us, no one else really has any input other than Glan Letheren who takes the goalkeepers, they do specialist training. We take the mickey out of them ‘cos of some of the things they do, it looks embarrassing, booting rugby balls up in the air then catching and that sort of stuff. Obviously it’s all appropriate and it seems to be working ‘cos Roger’s on fire at the moment. He’s got in the Wales squad through it so fair play to him.

There’s three fellas who come and watch every single training session, we get there in the mornings and we don’t know where we are training, but they always do! I swear they are there every morning without fail whatever the weather. I think they’re all retired, we all pretty much know them now, we think of them as members of the squad. I think they even pick the teams.

It’s an open shop, if anyone wants to come along and watch they can.

To Read The Full Interview With Matthew Bound – catch issue 2 – available November 2000

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