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Monday, 24 September 2001, 0:01
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It’s been 4 weeks since the launch of the Swansea City Supporters Trust. caught up with the Trust’s Tony Davies to ask him how the Trust was progressing.

JA : How many members does the Trust have signed up so far and how much money have you raised?

TD: We have as of today over 500 members and upwards of £8000…We have membership forms arriving daily and we are sending out over 30 applications a week to people through out the UK.

JA: What methods are you using to increase the membership base and what response have you had?

TD: We have been in the pubs around the Vetch at the last two home games and also in the streets gaining membership. We have also had our membership form in the Evening Post but the run was cut short due to the events in the USA. We will however have the form in the EP in the coming weeks. We also have permission from the club for a table inside the ground; this will be at various locations over the coming games starting with the Northbank at the Shrewsbury game. Membership forms are also available in the club shop and at Dorian Heel Bar in the city. As you can appreciate it is time consuming and we need numbers on the ground but currently we have about 12 people working away behind the scenes. All of who have full time jobs. Therefore I would ask anyone who wants to get involved in the Working Groups to get in touch. It is a busy time for us with the AGM on the horizon.

JA: With the figure of £140,000 to get on the board where will it come from?

TD: This will be raised through sponsorship from the local business community and fundraising events. We are currently looking at several options regarding local and national companies…Again this takes time but we will get there. Once the AGM is out of the way and the committee is elected there will be a proper structure in place to tackle all issues.

JA: And if the club folds before the AGM?

TD: If this was to happen we would need to speak to the administrators. If you listen to rumours then there is a consortium ready to buy the club if this was to happen. I am not prepared to comment on weather this is true or not but I will say that people are aware of the Trust and I am certain we will be involved in any rescue bid.

JA: Finally do you have anything to say to the people who are members and thoe who as yet are not?

TD: All I will say is please be patient. It may look as though we are sitting back but I can assure you that is not the case. We meet at least once a week and we are busy sorting out the voting procedure for the AGM. The AGM will be at the Patti Pavilion on the 21st November and the committee will be announced. The vote will be a postal ballot and every member is eligible to stand for election. Nomination forms will be sent out in the next few days. The AGM will also have some sort of entertainment for all the members and food and refreshments aswell as some kind of fundraising. I am working hard along with everyone else to sort everything out. I would like to say again that any member wanting to help out please get intoch. The hours are sometimes long the pay is nothing. But if you love the club and want to help secure its long-term future then ” Get Involved, Be Involved and Stay Involved”! And if you aren’t a member ask yourself why? We are all Swans fans working together for the future of our club!

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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