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Tuesday, 25 September 2001, 0:01
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Wayne had originally made the offer following on from the original launch meeting of the trust from which the working party was formed. However, after what Wayne believes to be an attack from one of the members of the working party, he has now withdrawn his offer claiming there is no way he will make any offer towards the trust.

The incident which Wayne claims led to an attack from one of the members of the working party came after Wayne posted a guestbook entry on Gary Martin’s web-site after the opening day victory at Macclesfield. Wayne questioned some of the comments that he heard on leaving Macclesfield and asked what more some people wanted other than a 3-1 victory.

This led to several responses on the same thread but the one that Wayne believes was from the trust was made by Pauline Thomas. Pauline’s entry was critical of the comments made by Wayne and stated that he was a “silly little man”

Wayne however claims that Pauline was not who she was claiming to be and says “I received a phone call off a person informing me that there was a strong possibility that it was the Press Officer who made the comments. Even though I don’t have the proof it was sufficient to withdraw my support. I don’t want anything to do with the trust now or in the future. I have not joined and have no intention of doing so”

Wayne had initially attended the first meetings for the trust but since then has not been involved in what he believes to be the rest of the working party freezing him out. “Having attended the first two meetings – Guildhall and Cwmbwrla, I felt that the trust needed business people on board just like Bournemouth. At the time I offered by support but with respect it felt that I was given the cold shoulder.”

Wayne however does offer some advice to the working party and eventually committee of the trust for it to succeed. “For the trust to work they need to be canvassing the non members of loyal supporters and using the local press/media. With respect with only 400 or so members to date I don’t think the trust will achieve it’s goal.

“In my own opinion the trust have let themselves down from the beginning. As I’ve already stated the Trust should have been in peoples faces from Day one. Quite a number of supporters think that it is still an Internet only organisation.”

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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