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Thursday, 4 October 2001, 0:01
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One thing that this takeover has certainly generated is discussion and it is nice to hear the voices of some of the more ‘quiet’ people over the course of the last few days. As usual, the more of us that make points, the more discussion.

It will be interesting to see what sort of reaction comes from outside the internet. People who haven’t read the reports in the Sydney Morning Herald or the Score Strikers Score web-site. Or wherever else we have gleaned information. Time will tell on that – what will callers to Swansea Till I Die think or the people that write into the Evening Post?

We have heard from many people down under and they have their own opinions and they are of course people that have dealt with Petty in the past. My view is that if people want to be cautious then that is no reason for criticism of them. On the same vein that if people want to be positive then that is their right to do so.

Most of us will agree that we wanted a change from Mike Lewis and we have got it. Not the knight in shining armour that we all prayed for but were we ever going to get our own version of Jack Walker or even Sam Hammam?

But have we really got a takeover here or just the end of Mike Lewis. Gareth Vincent writes in the Evening Post the following “No money has changed hands but the deal could see Australian Football club Brisbane Lions putting cash into Swansea. Mr Petty has also pledged to take over the Swans £800,000 debt to former owners Ninth Floor.

Brisbane Lions chairman Gary Wilkins and chief executive Lawrence Oudendyk are currently in the city and will report back to their board before making a final decision. The pair head back down under this weekend and hope to confirm their intentions within seven days”

So nothing seems signed sealed and delivered just yet other than the fact that Tony Petty is in charge of Swansea City. What happens if the two representatives of the Brisbane Lions decide that they do not want to invest in the club as I am assuming that this is the source of money? What are we left with then? The same situation as before but with a different chairman? Much again depends on the Morfa. That old chestnut had to be in there somewhere!

We hear that Michael was not too happy that he had to step down from the board – should we have sympathy for him? You decide on that one.

Mike did say that his mandate was to find new investors for the club when he took charge and potentially they may be there. It does worry me that nothing appears to be formally signed and if the potential investors head back on Friday and will report back within seven days we await to hear what they say with baited breath.

This one has far from run it’s course it appears?

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