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Friday, 19 October 2001, 0:01
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The Midlands Avon & Gloucester Swans

Official Press Release

Thursday October 18th 2001

Members of the Midlands Avon & Gloucester Swans have voted to attend games at The Vetch Field to continue to vent their displeasure at the current regime and Tony Petty. The vote conducted with 75 of the current 206 members revealed that 47 would continue to attend games and 28 in favour of a boycott. This should not detract from those loyal Swansea City fans who will not attend games and who will lawfully demonstrate their displeasure outside the ground or at away games.

The supporters group fully support the supporters trust and the focus group who are currently working hard to bring about a change of regime at the club, and indeed acknowledge the efforts of David Morgan during the past week. The supporters group also ask for verification from FOSCFA, Amman Sports and the internet fraternity of their position regards a boycott, and once canvassed plead with all Swansea City supporters to remain solid in whatever decision is decided upon, as a whole.

Further – We ask that those involved in any consortium announce their intentions and themselves put forward a panel or working group that can be identified with by all Swansea City supporters. David Morgan cannot be relied upon to be the only person forwarding this genuine and well intentioned effort, what we would like to see now is a panel to represent the consortium and for the press to have access to them.

Finally – Questions raised that need to be replied to are as follows.

1. What role is Mike Lewis believed to now have at Swansea City AFC that enables him to attend games both home and away ? His presence is antagonistic and detrimental to good public order. If he is a link between The Morfa development and the club then that should be his role, attending games in Southend is not.

2. And linked to this we urge the council of Swansea to withdraw from forwarding any Morfa development. And request that a spokesperson from the council question the motives of the current regime at Swansea City and publicly state that The Morfa will not be going ahead whilst the future of Swansea City AFC is in doubt Their dealings at the club to date have been detrimental to the community spirit of Swansea and have hit at the very heart of the culture of the area. We urge all businesses to disregard any dealings with these individuals at all levels until clarification of the immediate intentions of the current regime are established. And not from 12,000 miles away whilst an associate of Mr Petty, one John Shuttleworth acting with Martin Burgess are in control of day to day matters. In respect of this what is John Shuttleworths business pedigree in football and more to the point in running a business connected to football ? What will he personally offer the community of Swansea, and indeed Mr Petty at all active levels of community partnership and development ?

3. Is Mike Lewis to be further involved in any sale of the club from Petty to any consortium ? If so what is the reason for this ? What will he achieve from it ? And is there any financial motive ?

4. What is the link between Petty and Lewis ? Are they business associates from old, an example being Lewis’s business interest in Spain from some years back ? Is this the link or is their another broker involved ? And has Mr Petty any business dealings from the past that would be detrimental to him operating in the UK in his own right or with associates acting on his behalf ?

5. What initial and immediate investment is available from Mr Petty ? What will it entail and when will it be available ? And coupled with this are all the players at Swansea City AFC to have their contracts honoured in accordance with employment law now he has back tracked from the original sackings of October 10th.

6. Are there any VAT / Inland revenue articles and matters in issue by this current regime operating in the UK. Be it in other company names, Ltd companies, previous employment or business dealings. And are all concerned of good character, free from criminal convictions both here and abroad and not under inquiry or investigation by any authority both here and abroad ?

7. What are Mr Petty’s footballing credentials ? Has he been actively involved in any other football club that has either gone bankrupt or indeed flourished as a result of his involvement. And evidence of this latter point should be provided with first hand accounts if available. And if not available – Why not ?

The supporters group feel that these questions need asking immediately on behalf of the supporters of Swansea City AFC to ensure a basic trust between the new owners and their motives for the club who has a proud 89 year history to protect.

This Press Release is issued to all media sources via The Midlands Avon & Gloucester Swans, Birmingham, UK – an endorsed supporters club recognised by Swansea City AFC. Thursday October 18th 2001.

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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