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News that Mike Lewis could take the club back of Tony Petty due to a legal problem/loophole/cock-up is a start in the right direction if and when it happens but what we need then is the club to be used as a “pass the parcel” situation and handed into the hands of a person/group of people who will steer it in the right direction.

We have had four years of being pushed around with no-one at the helm who really gives a toss despite saying all the right things. In the past four months, we have had 9th Floor, Lewis and then Petty at the helm and despite last night’s win are still within touching distance of the bottom rung on the football league ladder.

This legal loophole that can force the handover is believed to be the lack of a stamped transfer, meaning that the board of directors at the time of the sale did not approve the transfer into the ownership of one Mr T Petty. This has never been carried out and therefore there seems a strong case that the ownership can return to Mike Lewis as revealed on here on Monday.

Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we couldn’t even get that much right. Next we’ll have John Hollins back as manager because he was not formerly sold or maybe we’ll wake up and find that the last four years have just been a Dallas-style dream and that Doug Sharpe is still in charge and Jan Molby is the manager. Probably not a bad thing all things considered.

Mike Lewis was standing up and sounding like a hero last night which is laughable but this is what he told the BBC:

“If the opportunity was presented to me in such a way that it was impossible for the present owner to continue, under legal restrictions, of course I would take it back. I feel I can make a contribution and if that did occur – it’s a big if – then I would call in the people who have shown an interest following Mr Petty’s cry for help through the action he has taken. Let’s see if the people who have said they would help, and rushed to the defence of the club, are still out there. If they are not, then the football club would quickly go into administration. I understand there are two or three groups of people discussing the possibility of a takeover and those would appear to be the people investigating the legal situation.I have had nothing to do with those groups at all and I have been carrying on with what I have been told to do.”

One question from the quotes. Mr Petty’s cry for help? I must have misunderstood something somewhere but when did Mr Petty cry for help? Did he say “Help me Boundy I’m sacking you” or “Help me Roger I’m cutting your wages in half” It most certainly doesn’t seem a cry for help that made him Public enemy number 1 in Swansea.

There is a glimmer of light at the end of this nightmare tunnel but at the moment, the light is flickering on and off. We have two main objections in all of this. The first is an immediate one to try and get rid of Mr Petty and then move onto getting the club into the hands of someone who cares.

If it has to pass through the hands of Mike Lewis in between then so be it.

Swansea City is still a club in crisis at the moment but we know there are interested parties out there and it is them that maybe hold our hopes and aspirations for our football club.

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