Mel’s Master Plan

Monday, 5 November 2001, 0:01
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As we revealed earlier on the site, Mel Nurse this afternoon served a writ on Tony Petty for repayment of the £801k debt that he purchased from previous owners 9th Floor last week. We can now add some further information to this statement.

Mel obtained from Swansea High Court this afternoon the writ that give Petty 21 days to repay the amount owing in full. Failure to repay that debt, we believe, will result in Mel calling in the administrators.

The administrators will then speak to anyone that wishes to take on the club in it’s situation at the time and that, will of course, include Mel Nurse who we believe has the funding behind him to take the club forward.

Tony Petty is now faced with the options to pay or not to pay. He believes that he has the ability to get out of this debt as Mel was a director when the debt was built up but we must remember that Mel only came onto the board at the Vetch last December so that statement could be debatable.

If Petty fails to pay within the allotted 21-day period then his reign as chairman of our football club is over and we enter into another new era. Mel, we understand, has passed details of this writ onto the Football League and they are aware of the present situation with the ownership of Swansea City.

The clock appears now to be counting and quickly over Tony Petty’s reign and we await developments over the next 21 days with interest. Mel is trying his best to save this club and if we find ourselves with new owners by the beginning of December (there or therabouts) then we have one person that we all owe a very big favour to.

Mel’s master plan is underway.

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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