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Tuesday, 6 November 2001, 0:01
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The aftermath of Saturdays protests went further than was reported in the press, and indeed what you read on here exclusively over the weekend.
After a week of quotes and alleged misquotes in the press Colin Addison and Tony Petty had a war of words in the Vetch Field inner sanctum on Saturday evening. After the crowds had dispersed and Ex Swans ” Landlord ” Mike Lewis had been assaulted in the ground Petty and Addison had their own agenda’s to air. Addison was furious that Petty had stated that the sackings of Glan Letheran and Ron Walton had the sanction of ex Athletico Madrid boss Addison, and wenthead to head with Petty to tell him straight that the comments were to say the least ill thought out.
Both had a blazing row in Petty’s office, and raised voices were heard for over fifteen minutes before both calmed down to assess the weeks events. This prompted Mondays exclusive report that Addison was mulling over his future at the club, and indeed this was confirmed by our own sources at the club and in the press. The situation could not have been more gloomier for Addison as he studied tapes of Petty’s remarks that he was a part of the sackings just three weeks ago. Leaving the situation pretty much in the air Addison returned to his family home in Hereford on Saturday night extremely angry that he was being accused of playing a part in Letheran and Walton’s downfall.
Radio and TV interviews displayed a very angry Addison who stated he had never seem such hostility in all his years of management as that witnessed in Swansea after the Rushden game. Although he did not refer to the row with Petty it could be seen that Addison was shaken and reading between the lines his position was in extreme doubt on Saturday. So muchso that training was cancelled on Monday morning and Addison was to meet with Petty once again to discuss the matters.
Having taken time to consider his options Addison did not meet face to face with Petty and their differences were talked about over a phone call on Monday morning. Unfortunately whilst Swansea City players were twiddling their fingers at home when they should have been training. The upshot is that Ex Swans legend Mel Nurse has now served a 21 day order on Tony Petty to pay the alleged 800,000 debt that he purchased from previous owners Ninth Floor late on Thursday night.
Petty believes that hestill holds the cards and will only pay Nurse 2,000 pounds a month which will cover the interest owed on the debt. He returns to Australia on Thursday to take hisseat at the Aussie v France friendly clash and to talk business with Soccer Australia, whilst the club he owns lurches from crisis to crisis.
Swansea City fans are still amazed that Mike Lewis continues to hog the limelight in the wake of the assault on him. Tony Petty has stated that Lewis is not in any way paid by Swansea City FC and is no longer employed by the club. Yet he was interviewed for television on Monday evening and talked about Swansea City as if he was still involved at the club, once again bringing in to question just what is the connection between Tony Petty and Mike Lewis.
John Shuttleworth self confessed advisor to a porn actress offering ” Business Solutions ” will take charge of all club affairs in Petty’s absence, and will be at Torquay United on Saturday afternoon. And thankfully so will Colin Addison, Peter Nicholas and indeed the sacked Swansea City players as the side strive to secure further points in the fight against relegation.
Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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