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Sunday, 6 January 2002, 0:01
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It cannot be easy to manage at a football club that is in this state. He has to motivate people that aren’t getting paid while worrying about his own pay packet at the same time. But a five match unbeaten run in extreme circumstance is a tremendous achievement.

Stories have filed back to Swansea from the National Press in London that Thursday is the day that Lewis and Petty will, no doubt with a smile on their face, read the last rites of Swansea City. We hope (and pray) that the consortium, and I stress again that they are ready will pull us back out of it. Then I suggest that Mr Lewis, Mr Petty and the rest NEVER set foot in Swansea again. This will be a grudge and they’d be stupid to think otherwise.

But reading the comments of Colin Addison tonight on the official site I have nothing but respect for the man. Couple this with his short speech at the start of the game and this is the man that I am glad replaced John Hollins. (even if I never was a Hollins fan!)

Addison said

” I’ve read the latest stories, and we’ve talked about it, but I try and keep focused on the game.I just want to say this though – A city as big as Swansea, and a Club as big as this, I’ll say, as Manager, speaking on behalf of everybody at the Clubhere, there’s got to be somebody out there that really wants to come and help this Club.

” It’s not going to die, I don’t see that happening. Something has got to happen, sooner than later, to bring stability to this club, from the top.We’re keeping going, motivating people, getting them ready to play games, and yes, that’s a Manager’s job. That’s not a problem for Colin Addison and Peter Nicholas, it never has been.

” But, you’ve got to have stability at the top. At the moment, we haven’t got that. Okay, we know there may be a new owner in the near future, butwe don’t know who, or where. I don’t know any more than you do, in terms of runners and riders, but the quicker the better.

” I’m aware of the QPR situation, and yes, it does concern me. The FA could take action, it may happen, and it doesn’t bear thinking about.I was very disappointed when I heard the news, but we’ve just got to face up to it, and hope that they don’t act.

” I honestly believe that there is someone out there, who will come in and save this football club, for the right reasons. A Club as big as this, a city as big as this, you know as well as I do the support we have here, this Club can’t die – It mustn’t be allowed to die.

” This is a big football club, withgreat traditions. It’s notso long ago that I stood in here with John Toshack, watching Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. That’s in the past now though, it’s history. We can’t look back, you’ve got to look forward. There’s got to be a person, or persons, who want to help, and we know it’s going to mean bringing finances to the Club, the quicker the better.

” I honestly believe, and I’m not being naive, I’ve been in the game a long time, that there’s someone out there. ThisClubwon’t die.”

Only one thing left to say, Amen.


Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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