Striker – Part III

Monday, 7 January 2002, 0:01
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Yet again we have received an e-mail with information on the Striker scheme that is the subject of police investigation at the moment. Again, this is an anonymous source but there is no reason at all to doubt what we are being told.

We have previously mentioned the high level of winners in the Bristol area. During 2001, there were at least three £1000 winners in Weston-Super-Mare. Believe it or not there are a high number of Jacks in WSM, having lived there myself for 4 years but most are members of the MAGS and none of the names ring a bell with me nor seem to match with our database of members.

The person who we have talked to has previously collected for the Striker scheme themself and during 2001 collected around £15-20000 of income for the fund. But less than 10% of that was paid out in winnings. I would suggest personally that £20000 was a large share of striker income and yet only 10% gets paid out – boy on that basis there must be some lucky collectors out there paying out 70-80% of what they collect.

The next one is quite interesting. If at least 50% of the income should be paid out in prizes then the figures seem wrong. The total prize money each week we are told is around £900-£1300. Meaning that only around 2500 people pay their £1 each week into the scheme. Yet we are told that the number is somewhere around double that. Either that or we have a 50% drop off in membership over the last year. This particular person saw their drop off rate at around 5% and generally new members outweighed that figure anyway.

Striker is believed to be a registered charity and there is a seperate bank account for this income. On that basis would you expect collectors to be paid from the income that the scheme generates? I would. But again, this person is an employee of Swansea City AFC Ltd and has the same bouncing pay cheques as everyone else employed directly by the club. Again, something just doesn’t seem right there.

Phil Chant was still signing cheques in November, now seven months since he left the employment of the club. Again, that shouldn’t happen, should it?

And this last bit is laughable. We hear of one ‘lucky’ winner who saw their numbers drawn in one of the draws despite having cancelled several weeks earlier and not paid up for that period either. You can’t class this as fraud just incompetence, plain and simple. It makes you laugh doesn’t it? Almost.

More on this scheme when we get it.

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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