Swansea City Needs You

Sunday, 27 January 2002, 0:01
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This football club simply cannot and will not survive on the level of gates that we saw throughout 2001. I fully appreciate that there was bad feelings against the management and more lately the ownership but that has ended now and we need to show that we want this football club to survive.

Now is the time for the people who stayed away to come back in their numbers and for those that carried on going, they bring a friend with them or tell a friend to come along. Don’t sit back and think “It’s safe now Mel is in” because I can tell you it is far from safe.

They have every confidence that they will turn it around but at the same time they have every confidence that the fans will turn up in numbers and support the team. We cannot afford to let them down on this basis.

The last three home games have been watched by 2734, 3409 and 3753 people respectively. In fairness, a decent figure considering the way Petty was treating us. That is less than 10,000 people through the gates for three home games.

We need to see over half that number next Saturday, not just because Mel Nurse, Dave Morgan and a few others have put money into the club but to convince the businesses out there that we have an audience that they would consider worthy of reading their adverts in the programme and such like.

And of course, there is the added benefit of more people, better atmosphere, better performances, better results. Not a guarantee but a buzzing Vetch is much more likely to lift the players.

Next Saturday is Swansea Coming home day in my book. Forget the anti-Cardiff and anti-English stuff let’s sing pro-Swansea songs? Show the people that invested in our club that we are worth investing in.

Swansea City needs it’s fans now more than ever – let’s get behind them. Target figure for the Kidderminster game? 5,500 as set by the consortium – let’s not disappoint them?

Spread The Word – Swansea City Needs You

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