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Report By Clive, Gareth and David Hughes

It was a warm day in North Wales, we had Wood & Thomas in attack, we were just off a good performance against Wolves in the Worthington Cup, It was a Welsh derby match, North V South, and everything was set for a good day.

That’s where it all ends. As for the match itself, Wrexham scored four we scored none. Their first goal could be partly blamed on the ref, who allowed the kick to be taken before Evans had got back into position after a booking. In reality it would have made no difference as our lack of height in defence allowed Morrell to score with a header after 10 mins without any meaningfully challenge. Worse was to come when after only 2 more mins the same player scored number 2 this time with his feet after more inept defending. We were never in the game as Wrexham grew in stature and played football that left us chasing shadows. The inevitable happened on 30 mins when Sam scored the third from inside the box aided by more weak defending. Two half chances for us with Dibble saving well on both occasions. Half time saw Lacey replace Moss, later on Theobald replaced Reid and near the end Keaveney replaced Wood who received applause from the travelling fans for his efforts. Any pie in the sky thoughts that we could get anything from this game were killed off within the first 15mins of the second half as Edwards had a jinking run through our defence for number 4. How Wrexham did not add to their score must be one of the world’s mysteries. As our abysmal performance got even worse. We were all put out of our misery as only 2 mins of added time was played and the team left the field to the away stand echoing to the chant of ‘what a load of rubbish’. That has to be the shortest match report we have written. So to give you something to read here are our thoughts and comments. We arrived at the ground to hear police and stewards discussing there had been trouble in Wrexham centre. This resulted in the Jackarmy.net team being held up and then escorted to the Turf pub for a pre-arranged meeting. We have respect for what Nick Cusack is trying to do, and for the way he conducted himself last season. He leads by example on the pitch with his efforts but his frustration clearly shows as he tries to do everything and be everywhere. This ultimately is not helping as the team loses any semblance of shape it has. He should play in defence where his organizational skills are required At the start of the season Nick promised that we would see players that were much fitter and would die for the shirt. Well either we question his choice of players or they are letting him and us down BIG time. After the York game we commented on the facts that players showed lack of professionalism, again we witnessed a team that cannot do the basics, players looked at each other after each and every mistake, there are no leaders, players are not taking responsibility for their actions. Many Sunday league teams show better organization than what we saw today. We have a team of individuals who look as if they have never played together. A team should encourage each other, help each other and be available for support at every occasion. Maybe it has a different meaning in the Swansea changing rooms. No individual player scores as not many would get above zero. We spent £42 on admission and over £20 on petrol on today’s game. Many more displays like this and not even 62p will be wasted. We could continue with repeating comments we have made in previous reports, but just like today’s team we can’t be bothered making the effort. To end finally. There were chants by the Wrexham fans of ‘Chester here you come’, this is really a distinct possibility.

Report By Richard Lewis
Having only to travel 30 miles to see this debacle was the only good thing about this particular black Saturday -and it was a nice day for a (motor) bike ride.
Watching the current team and theobvious pain on the faces of travelling jacks is painful and it shouldn’t be.It should be a pleasureor at least satisfying to the soul.Otherwise, why pay good money to get hurt. Looking around , I didn’t see many wealthy henrys with loads of money to burn.Just working class folk looking for a release from the boring slog of everyday existence. To be presented with 11 pathetic and unfit individuals purporting to be a professional football team humiliate the city of Swansea was pisstaking in the extreme.
To be fair. Wrexham looked a good team,way above Swansea, and infact better than Wolves.They have pace ,guile and flair and a centre half who can head a ball. I didnt knoiw more than one team went down so thats upset me more.Does it upset the Swans team.It will if they do go down so get your finger out.Sweat,try,work hard-just like your supporters do everyday,the lucky ones who are employed.
So why are we in this mess? Money innit.who is to blame?.Here’s my list.
Swansea City Council
Swansea County Council
Steve Hamer
Mike Lewis
Biggest culprits.The people of Swansea.
Because we are too fickle and mean.
Why is it no-one willinvest in the club.There are sugar daddies around,even at Tranmere (my local club).Don’t tell me there are no wealthy people in West Wales.
We should be playing the likes of Wolves every week like we used to, not travelling to the far flung flower growing Fens to see Boston United.Think about it and cry.Not forgetting the eventual trip to Rushton and Diamonds.Now is that a village, town, city or a comedy duo. Not funny really cos they have a new stadium, money a good manager and ,wait for it, are ambitious.
Finally, for those who were there, I was the guy in leathers on the red VFR outside the ground talking to the poor buggers in the hire vans facing a tedious haul down the A483. Crap in a car but a brilliant biking road.
God bless and help all Jacks everywhere.

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