Martinez Hits Back At Bodde’s Agent Claims

Friday, 14 November 2008, 8:07
2 mins read

Stories surfaced that the player and club had an agreement that if a big Premier Club came calling the Swans would not stand in Ferrie’s way but Roberto was adamant yesterday that it was not the case.

He told Wales Online “There is no agreement.

“The agent was just trying to do their work using the media to maybe earn some money.

“The only agreement is that Ferrie has a long-term contract with Swansea City – and all we have to do right now is make sure he has recovered from Tuesday, is ready for Saturday and continues to enjoy his football as he does.

“He is the same as any of our players who has come a long way, is trying to fulfil his potential and has an aim of playing Premiership football.

“First and foremost that is with Swansea City.

“We are not a football club where we are trying to develop players just to sell them to the Premier League, we are a club trying to reach that next level.

“Ferrie does not have a price we would accept – we don’t want to sell and we are not in a situation where we have to sell.

“The board have worked extremely hard to make sure the club is in a very stable financial position that everyone connected with Swansea can be proud of.

“These figures mean nothing,” said Martinez on Bodde’s supposed value to interested Premier parties.

“But everyone would agree we worked extremely hard this summer to keep Ferrie and that’s because we have a player who has the potential of an international career.

“But, after that, all the talk is nonsense and it’s pointless talking about standing in his way because you can’t be hypothetical in football. It’s like asking what system we would play in the Premiership.

“Every individual circumstance is different, but Ferrie is very happy here.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see him turn down an approach anyway, if a club did come in for him.

“He is enjoying his football and developing his game.

“Perhaps the agent should be in his office and concentrating on other things.

“It is part and parcel of football and it’s a compliment we have Premiership clubs talking about Swansea City and our players,” said Martinez, who also hit out at the agent’s role in stirring up the issue.

“We want players to attract interest and be good enough to play in the Premiership because we want to get there ourselves.

“You have to have those kind of players – and the fact our finances are in order will help greatly.

“Every club has to deal with these kind of situations.

“But I’d rather have headaches about offers coming in for my players than headaches about players not fulfilling their potential or playing the way they should be.

“It doesn’t bother me and we are seeing more and more maturity in Ferrie’s play and it is a delight to see him develop as a player.

“That is crucial for every player and us as a club – to realise how far we’ve come, but also to accept that we need to carry on and get better.”

Images courtesy of Getty Images, Athena Picture Agency and Swansea City Football Club.

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