Madley’s mistakes confirmed by PGMOL – Patino misses out as a result

Friday, 10 November 2023, 8:30
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Bobby Madley’s decision to award two yellow cards to Charlie Patino last weekend have been confirmed as a mistake by PGMOL.

Madley was the man in the middle last weekend when Charlie Patino was sent off for two first half challenges that left the Swans playing with ten men for an hour to hang on and take a deserved point in a 0-0 draw but it just highlights the incompetence of someone who is one of the worst officials I have witnessed in Swans games.

We know that the Swans and Madley go back quite some time to our Premier League days but to see these two yellow cards both being confirmed as mistakes simply highlights that he is not up to refereeing matches at this (or really any level) especially when you factor in the yellow card for Jay Fulton in the second half when every single person in the stadium could see that the Swans player played the ball.

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The Swans were on the back foot before the red card for Patino but the speed in which Madley made the decisions just seems to highlight that he gave little thought to his decision making and the bosses have confirmed that not just one but both of the yellow cards should not have been given.

Duff, who was booked for his protest at the Fulton yellow card, revealed that he had spoken to PGMOL over the yellow cards which means that Patino will miss the weekend trip to Ipswich thanks to his one match suspension.

Duff spoke at the weekend of Patino giving the referee a decision to make but that decision should not have been part of the thinking as he spoke about yesterday as part of his build up to this weekend’s game  “I’ve spoken to Kevin Friend from the PGMOL,” said Duff “and he agrees that neither are yellow cards. So he’s a little bit unfortunate.

“He’s a victim of circumstance as well. But part of his learning is that if you’re on a yellow card you need to be uber careful in the position you play.

“It’s getting that balancing act of being more front-footed when they’ve got the ball and not just relying on when we’ve got it, and then knowing when to not cross the line – although we don’t think he did cross the line.  But he’s been good. He wants to learn.”

Speak to fans of Championship fans and they will tell you of frustration with many referees with the name of Madley high on the list of many and we should not forget that Madley was sacked from Premier League officials for his part in a particularly unpleasant video.   He was back in the Premier League last year.

Madley does not have a Championship game this weekend.

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  1. A comment on the Fulton yellow. Playing the ball makes no difference to whether it was a yellow or not.

    The fact is he caught the Sunderland player with studs up, endangering him, and therefore could be deemed out of control.

    Could have been a red considering where he caught him.

    I thought it was another shocking decision at the time, but having seen the replay, if VAR was involved, it could have been upgraded, as those are the rules now.

  2. Fulton won the ball but followed through with his leg on the Sunderland player so it was a yellow for me. Only Fulton knows if it was intentional.

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