Swansea City say Walsh and Placheta will leave as retained list confirmed

Saturday, 18 May 2024, 7:30
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Liam Walsh and Przemyslaw Placheta are both leaving the Swans this summer after the club announced their retained list yesterday, hot on the heels of their confirmation that Joe Allen has extended his contract with the club by a further twelve months.

Liam Cullen and Nathan Wood have both had contract extensions triggered by the club whilst Kyle Naughton also signed a further one year extension to his own contract earlier in the week taking his stay at the club to ten years in the process.  Josh Thomas is another who has had the option of a year taken up by the club whilst Azeen Abdulai has two more years to the summer of 2026.

The uncertainty though remains around Jamie Paterson who has been offered a year on his stay in SA1 but has yet to commit to the terms and discussions remain ongoing for the player who, based on last season alone, certainly has something to offer the Swans next season.

As ever, there are departures from the club and, on top of Walsh and Placheta, Nathanael Ogbeta, Lewis Webb, Ben Blythe, Josh Carey, Ruben Davies, Kian Jenkins, Kai Ludvigsen, Archie Matthews, Lincoln McFayden, Remy Mitchell, Joe Thomas, Charlie Veevers, Jack Cooper, Rohan Davies, Ewan Griffiths, Cameron Llewellyn will all leave the club this summer.

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There is though good news for scholars Sammy Henia-Kamau, Jack Fanning, Yori Griffith and Arthur Parker who have all been offered professional terms.

The Swans will be keen to resolve the Paterson situation soon as they look now for the work that is needed to rebuild the squad this summer with the departure of the loan players on top of those released to be considered when we do our work for next season.   Having any player out of contract keeps the danger of someone coming in and taking him from under our noses but it will similarly not be lost on Paterson that this also gives him a slight upper hand in negotiations with both us and any potentially interested parties.   He has been linked with moves away from the Swans in the past and it is likely that clubs will be watching progression here for ease.

In the case of Placheta and Walsh I guess there are no real surprises in their release.   Unfortunately for Walsh although there does seem to be a talent within him then his injury record during his time here has not been good and that has meant that he has never had a run of games in the team on which to be judged properly but it will be that injury record which has ultimately helped make the decision to release him at the end of his contract.

Placheta arrived in Swansea on a short term loan back in January but again suffered with injury after some decent performances in the team.   His presence was always likely to be short term with Josh Ginnelly due back from injury next season and he was also rumoured to have a wage that would price the Swans out of the market.  It will be interesting to watch what happens next here as it seems unlikely that too many will take a gamble at that kind of wage.

The new deals for Joe Allen and Kyle Naughton make sense for the club if they are within the budgets set for next season.   Both are seasoned professionals and their presence in and around the dressing room will be seen as important to the Swans as any performances that they put in on the pitch.   We often hear in football about the impact of the “senior professionals” and the experience that these two have at Premier League (and in Joe’s case international level) should not be underplayed by anyone.

The full retained list is below and does highlight the work that is needed to be completed this summer by Andy Coleman, Paul Watson and Luke Williams.   It has been widely talked about just how big this summer is and that is before we give any consideration to the fact that retention of a player does not mean that they will be pulling on a Swansea City shirt when the window closes at the end of August.

For those that have left the club this summer, especially those players who are at the very early stages of their career, we wish them the very best for the future and hope that a release from Swansea City is not the end of their dreams.

Swansea City retained list: Azeem Abdulai, Joe Allen, Mitchell Bates, Nathan Broome, Ben Cabango, Maliq Cadogan, Cameron Congreve, Jacob Cook, Ollie Cooper, Joel Cotterill, Liam Cullen, Sebastian Dabrowski, Harry Darling, Callum Deacon, Jack Fanning, Andy Fisher, Jay Fulton, Josh Ginnelly, Aimar Govea, Yori Griffith, Matt Grimes, Sammy Henia-Kamau, Aidan Higgins, Kiel Higginson, Ben Hughes, Harry Jones, Iestyn Jones, Josh Key, Mykola Kuharevich, Filip Lissah, Ben Lloyd, Kit Margetson, Teo Minchev, Kyle Naughton, Glory Nzingo, Arthur Parker, Sam Parker, Kristian Pedersen, Josh Pescatore, Ramon Rees-Siso, Ronald, Samuel Seager, Thomas Searle, Liam Smith, Josh Thomas, Nathan Tjoe-A-On, Josh Tymon, Dan Watts, Evan Watts, Osian Williams, Kyrell Wilson, Nathan Wood, Thomas Woodward, Jerry Yates.

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Alan Curtis

3,746 messages 88 likes

Yeah surprised at Placheta as well, whilst he didn’t rip any trees up he had something about him and gave us an outlet to get forward.

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First Team Player

176 messages 47 likes

Yep. Maybe we couldn't afford him. He must have been on a fair whack at Norwich before we took over the end of his contract.

Or we've got a really crap recruitment team who keep finding players we get rid of 6 months later.

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Avatar of Pegojack

Alan Curtis

3,453 messages 116 likes

Not keeping Placheta is a mistake. Not many players at our level have his raw pace. We could have coached him to improve in the final delivery. I'd rather see him stay and Pato go.

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Avatar of monmouth

Roger Freestone

7,459 messages 272 likes

Placheta is very ordinary, and I’d ditch Paterson now too. I’d like to see us aim at better than both.

If we just wanted pace and bugger all else then Garrick and the bloke we bought from Sundo were better than Placheta. At least they had some idea what to do with the ball even if they couldn’t do it. Mo Barrow was 10 times better than all of them and he wasn’t very good.

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Alan Curtis

3,722 messages 138 likes

When you look at the numbers for Placheta they actually make pretty dire reading.
He was with us for 20 match day rounds, only played in 11 of them and was injured for all of the last nine.
He racked up 0 goals and 1 assist (and some of the chances he missed were absolute sitters)

Placheta was all energy and pace with zero end product and that is the reality of it. If he had genuine potential then Norwich wouldn't have let him leave to us when they did.

I am sorry to see Walsh go as unlike Placheta he did have genuine skill and talent but unfortunately his injury record these past three years speaks for itself. When you missed significantly more games than you were available for over two whole years and none of them were down to any serious long term injury then the decision had to be an obvious one.

The only one I wish we had kept was Ogbeta even if it was only as backup to Tymon as a left back.

One name I was surprised to see on the list was McFayden, there was a time a couple of years back when he was being talked about as being ready for the first team but that never transpired.

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Lee Trundle

1,742 messages 61 likes

Yea disappointed Placheta isn't staying. Probably wanted higher wages than we'd pay. But he'd be free, how much would we need to pay to get a winger of similar standard and then pay wages on top. Maybe his injury record came into it.

Ogbeta, what a waste. We have to stop signing players and completely writing them off without giving them a chance.

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Lee Trundle

1,657 messages 41 likes

Garrick released by Forest Green

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Tommy Hutchison

1,225 messages 68 likes

Walsh makes a lot of sense given his weekly wage with no guarantee his injury record will improve......really hope though he gets a good move and pushes on as there is a really talented player in there.

Placheta is a little dissapointing as he is versatile in being able to play on the wing, left back and centrally attacking and would have been happier to see him sign a contract before Naughton and Allen. Placheta might have been asking for a bigger wage, want to be closer to home.

Ogbeta is a catch 22, didn't really want him it seems and by not offering the same terms then he can go for free.....if we offered him the same terms then he might have signed it leaving us u shiit creek.

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Alan Curtis

3,020 messages 41 likes

Placheta looked alright, but his finishing was shocking and his injury record is pretty bad I think, he was one of the higher earners at Norwich, so he’d probably get a good deal abroad somewhere.

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Alan Waddle

641 messages 237 likes

His signing served a purpose. I'm hoping the club can recruit better during the Summer window.

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Phil Sumbler

Been watching the Swans since the very late 1970s and running the Planet Swans website (in all its current and previous guises since the summer of 2001 As it stood JackArmy.net was right at the forefront of some of the activity against Tony Petty back in 2001, breaking many of the stories of the day as fans stood against the actions where the local media failed. Was involved with the Swans Supporters Trust from 2005, for the large part as Chairman before standing down in the summer of 2020.


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