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Watkin’s Broken Hand

Watkin, who signed a new two-year contract last week, played with a strapping on his hand at Bournemouth for what he thought was just a sprain. “We are trying hard to find a light cast that will enable him to play,” explained Swansea manager John Hollins. “But it will be…
Friday, 24 November 2000, 0:01

Rally to Defend

Steve Jones spoke for the whole of the Swansea City squad today by declaring his full support for manager John Hollins. “We are 100 per cent behind the manager,” declared Jones. “We always have been and always will be. “Obviously the pressure is on because we are not getting the…
Monday, 20 November 2000, 0:01

Right old Hamer blow

Since then, one win over Stoke in a brilliant match apart, it has been a downward spiral. Down right into the relegation zone. A coincidence? Read what you want into it and judge for yourself. My view, and I’ve said this before in print, is that I believe the Swans…
Monday, 20 November 2000, 0:01

Cherries 2 Swans 0

Match Report by Richard Lillicrap I’ve just returned from Bournemouth. The only thing to cheer me up so far was a Chelsea fan going tonto on 606 about their club going to the dogs! A wet dismal day on an open terrace in a dismal ground that makes the Vetch…
Saturday, 18 November 2000, 0:01

Swans On Hold

While the club saw an increase of 44 per cent in general commercial income, Swansea still lost £1.28m on a turnover of £2.095m. Ninth Floor chairman Alan Wix also confirmed that while preparations for the club’s flotation on the AIM were complete, they would delay the float until market conditions…
Thursday, 16 November 2000, 0:01

Hollins In/Out?

How and which way were the Hollins out lobby wrong last season ? Nobody is wrong, after all it’s about opinions, many would say the people who highlight things like Hollins and McClure or whatever are the reason why you and others have the opportunity to comment. Folk like Gary…
Wednesday, 15 November 2000, 0:01

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